Kitten Reportedly Thrown Into River to Drown in Act of Revenge Deserves Justice

Target: Florida District Attorney R.J. Larizza

Goal: Pursue maximum penalty for woman accused of throwing her boyfriend’s cat in the river.

A 53-year-old Oak Hill, FL woman named Christa Thistle has recently been accused of attempting to drown a cat in the river near her home. After a recent altercation with her live-in boyfriend led to their split, she allegedly demanded he move out of the house and began throwing out his things. According to reports, one personal item happened to be his nine-month-old cat, Stanley. Stanley was resting in his crate at the time of the breakup and was allegedly still inside of it when he was picked up and thrown into a nearby river. Thistle’s explanation for this reportedly was that her ex “wasn’t moving out fast enough.”

The cat was apparently underwater for nearly 30 seconds before Thistle’s ex jumped in and saved him. Police arrived soon after, stating that they found Stanley “wet and shivering,” but luckily with no major injuries. They arrested and charged Thistle on counts of animal cruelty, and she is being held without bond for assault.

Stanley was taken in by the Volusia County Animal Services and is safe and cared for, soon to be placed in a new home. His alleged abuser is still residing in jail due to her history of domestic violence charges. She denies the animal abuse, but justice must be served for Stanley. Sign the petition below to demand she receive the maximum penalty for this attempt on Stanley’s life, if found guilty.


Dear Mr. Larizza,

A resident of your district, Christa Thistle, has recently been arrested and charged with counts of animal cruelty for allegedly throwing a nine-month-old cat into the river after a fight with her ex boyfriend. It appears that he was locked in his crate at the time and had no chance of survival if he wasn’t rescued. Additionally, Thistle has been charged for threatening her ex, and has a history of domestic violence.

These alleged crimes are despicable, and appear to show Thistle’s disregard for all forms of life around her. Please ensure she is prosecuted and receives the maximum penalty for her actions.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Volusia County Sheriff’s Office


  1. find a local river and see how she likes being in a cage under water……

    • Kate Kenner says:

      I agree complelety and have said the same thing about other situations-hot cars, tethering, and other heinous cruelty.

  2. Dump her in the middle of the ocean – appears to be a good size comparison to what she did to the poor kitten.

  3. Lawrence Holtzman says:

    What a sick idiot with no respect for life.

  4. Give this piece of crap to me and I’ll teach her a lesson she’ll never ever forget.

  5. Another contaminated maggot on this planet. I hope “KARMA” gets this cruel evil bitch soon!!!

  6. Throw that fat POS bitch in the water somewhere where she can’t be saved, f- the hideously ugly scumbag.

  7. Elease M. Bradford says:

    Christa Thistle is a low-down witch for taking out her anger at her ex-boyfriend on his innocent kitten. Her behavior is unacceptable. I’m glad the kitten was not seriously injured. I hope Thistle in punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  8. Kim Singer says:

    Such a pity that scum like that can’t simply be exterminated. After all, if she was an animal, she’d surely be classed as vermin and someone would be employed to kill her.

  9. This ugly, severe obese, mentally deranged ,severe animal abusing bitch must be put to de4ath.A slow and agonising death for this evil, deranged cretin is essential!

  10. Is that crazy ugly nut actually laughing. Throw her in the river then the world will have one less monster.

  11. Gabriela Torres says:

    Too bad that she won’t stay there ‘for the duration’!

  12. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    Let’s hope she gets fingerprinted … and fined, of course!
    There is no excuse …

  13. patricia schwartzman says:

    Very good — now she no longer has someone to warm her bed!

  14. Ad hominem comments on her physical appearance is understandable, in sight of her horrific actions, but not helpful. I just hope she is severely punished. Please, prosecutor, see to that.

  15. She deserves exactly what she did to that helpless little cat, except not rescued. Monsters like that don’t deserve to breathe. We need to eradicate crap like that from our world. There’s no place for a POS like that amongst decent society. Karma, get her sooner than later.

  16. This CRUEL EVIL POS needs to be removed from society forever. She is a menace to animals and humans…Hope she rots in hell….IMO

  17. I’m glad that someone jumped in and saved that sweet little kitten and that the cops were notified. That person needs to be incarcerated. Because two people like me and others out there being that cruel and torturing any kind of an animal is worthy of hard time prison life

  18. Tie concrete slabs on her and take your time, let her think about it for awhile before you throw the POS slimy bitch in the water.

  19. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for egregious animal abuse with intent to KILL. Remand her for psychiatric evaluation and BAN her from ever purchasing, owning, caring for or working with ANY animals ever again.


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