Punish Person Who Fed Ducks Bread Laced With Fishhooks

Target: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Goal: Punish unidentified abuser who fed fishhook-filled bread to ducks.

A now deleted online video displays a person feeding ducks bread laced with fishing hooks and then mocks them. Muscovy ducks in Florida often get tormented by residents who find them annoying, but this video shows cruel, intentional abuse and the person who filmed it must be punished. The video reveals that after the duck eats the bread it then begins to heave in attempts to regurgitate the hooks out. It is unknown if the ducks have died or not as a result of ingesting the hooks, however according to veterinarians it is likely and possible.

Animal Help Now is investigating who could be behind the camera in order to bring justice. It was traced back to an Instagram post by a fifteen year old, but after investigation, local officials declared the minor had only re-posted it from somewhere else. It is a truly demented act to knowingly go out of your own way to torture animals and then post it on social media for some sort of comedic effect. The investigation is still going, but detectives and locals in the area identified new suspects.

If one person is twisted enough to trick animals into eating fishing hooks, it is probable they will continue to attack animals. Officials must devote all resources available to find and prosecute the person responsible for this sick behavior.


Dear Governor Ron DeSantis,

The time has come to address the blatant wild animal abuse committed by your residents. It is commonly known that Muscovy ducks are tortured, and a viral video shows a person feeding bread laced with fishing hooks to ducks. In the anonymous video one is able to see the ducks attempt to throw up the hooks. Instead of allowing twisted people get away with torturing animals, create better regulations to protect them and punish those who do not abide. People are counting on you to see through that this duck abuser, with alleged multiple offenses, receives the consequences they deserve.

However, it is not enough to reprimand and find the abuser. Muscovy ducks do not deserve to be attacked by people. In order to protect animals, you should stiffen animal abuse laws and devote more resources to finding those who commit atrocities.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Instagram screenshot of video


  1. What kind of psychopath does this? This person is a danger to society. He needs to be rounded up and removed so that he can’t pose any further danger to animals (or people for that matter).

  2. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I hope this depraved, cruel duck torturer is caught and severely punished. I hope these ducks passed the fish hooks in their stool and were not severely injured. I hope the ducks get justice

  3. Perverted wanker – those who post something like that, as well as those who watch something like that and like it on social media!
    Just to satisfy their perverse sexual instinct!

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