Don’t Leave Desperate Afghans at Mercy of Terrorists

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Help Afghan allies and citizens vulnerable to exploitation and assault by the Taliban.

Schools set ablaze, children snatched from their homes and forced into military servitude, and desperate civilians clinging to the wings of departing airplanes: these are the wrenching images on display for the world to see in the wake of America’s sudden retreat from Afghanistan. Countless on-the-ground allies have been left behind, with nothing to do but make goodbye calls to their families as they await the Taliban’s wrath. In the absence of any real or meaningful plan of action, the future for citizens of Afghanistan, especially women and children, is dark and uncertain.

Many Americans and Afghans understood the reasons for withdrawing military presence from the country. The factor that has crushed so many of the nation’s citizens and disheartened even military veterans is the haphazard, swift execution of this withdrawal and the sense of abandonment. The American presence made citizens hopeful that a freer and better future was possible. Women no longer had to cower in fear. All children could experience learning opportunities. Minor infractions were no longer met with brutal public maiming or murder. And throughout all the years, so many citizens—from translators to journalists—were critical aides to the deployed troops. Now, seemingly in the blink of an eye, all of this security has vanished, replaced with a feeling of ominous doom.

To date, no concrete plan has been presented to help these people left behind. Evacuation efforts have almost exclusively focused on Americans in the region. Despite the onslaught of refugees that will surely arise, the United States still has its refugee acceptance limits set at a level nearly ten times below the level of many of its allies.

Sign the petition below to urge U.S leaders not to abandon yet another key group of allies in its war on terror and oppression.


Dear President Biden,

When President Trump ordered the sudden withdrawal of troops from Syria, blindsiding and abandoning Kurdish allies, he received rightful criticism and condemnation. Mr. President, the abject failure of the Afghanistan evacuation is no better, and this decision –and its consequences—is ultimately your responsibility. America’s response to the unfolding events should not be about saving face. It should be about saving lives…the lives of allies and ordinary citizens whose trust has been broken and whose futures have been shattered.

The world cannot un-see images of these frantic people dangling, and even falling, from planes. The world cannot unhear the stories of women and children already being subjected to atrocities likely only beginning. And the world will always remember the actions you take now. These actions may very well define your presidency.

You have promised to keep speaking out for human rights, but on the ground and in the moment words rings hollow. Actions matter. Keeping airports open is a good first step, but efforts cannot end here. Lift American refugee limits. Work with military leaders to devise a concrete path forward for evacuating allies and citizens who want, and need, to leave. Stop making honoring an agreement with known terrorists a top priority.

Do everything in your power to stand up for the people who stood beside America and her ideals of liberty and justice for all.


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Photo Credit: Wasim Mirzaie


  1. See, there are definite consequences for voting for an idiot like old gropey joe! You put him in office and now you’re finding out that he is totally unfit…he is a racist follower, not a leader.

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