Stop Climate Change Before Looming Environmental Collapse Occurs

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States of America

Goal: Implement a strong and immediate plan of action to combat climate crisis.

The Gulf Stream circulation system that drives much of the world’s weather stands at its weakest point. If this system fails, global weather could descend into catastrophic chaos. What is the suspected culprit behind this weakening?…human-caused global warming. One of the likely results of this system’s destruction would be even more punishing heat waves and droughts. Such a heat wave helped fuel the largest wildfire in California’s history. This one fire recently incinerated an entire town.  Yakutsk, the coldest city on Earth, experienced its own heat wave and break-out of wild-fires. What factor almost certainly caused these horrendous disasters and the others like them that have unfolded? An ever-escalating climate emergency.

What will the world do? History says the answer is likely nothing. Several years ago and with the backing of nearly 200 countries, the United Nations (UN) brought together the best minds for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPOC). They released an intensively studied, intricately researched report that confirms the reality right before the world’s eyes: swift, robust, and broad action must be taken now or the entire planet will face fatal consequences later. These efforts cannot be incremental or sporadic. They must be robust and unified globally.

In October, the UN will host another conference pertaining to climate change. Sign the petition below to demand that the proclamations and declarations end and the real work begins.


Dear President Biden,

Most of the world can agree that the climate crisis is one of the world’s most dangerous emergencies. What the planet does not need is a conference with speeches and obligatory scheduled events that reiterates the realities before our very eyes. The United States must set an example by pursuing a new and actionable standard.

The UN’s IPOC report laid out the facts and the message plainly. The world must act, the world must act now, and the world must act together. Empty promises and pledges are not acceptable. Sooner rather than later, the crisis will not be a distant news-reel. It will arrive at every doorstep. By then, our mutual fates may be sealed.

Please pursue a real and enforceable plan of action to save Earth and every living organism that calls it home.


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  1. Everyone should see that our climate is changing rapidly. There is more drought, wildfires, storms, deadly hurricanes and intense heat. The ocean is warming and acidifying causing coral bleaching and death. Sea levels are rising due to the ice caps’ melting. We need to move away from fossil fuels and institute sustainable, less polluting forms of energy. It may look wonderful out your front window, but we need to look at the whole picture. The evidence of irreversible climate change is all around us.

  2. Maria Bertrand says:

    I think President Biden is quite aware and doing whatever it takes but there are people everywhere that argue the point of climate change …which honestly is completely ludicrous. As President Biden says…. this is where many many valuable jobs are. It is a no brainer that it needs to be done ….with no more loss of time and done on a universal scale….with the Lord’s guidance….

  3. The time is now. Why? We are out of time! We can no longer wait for Senate or House as they only look to be reelected. The GOP and DEMS argue and debate and waste our time. They speak of money but if we don’t spend now we won’t have a chance to do so in the non-future. This crises will kill them as soon as us. No one escapes. If people, all of us, take responsibility for ourselves we can and must help. How? Live sustainably. We are used to great convenience but now we must learn to live with less. Less AC, drive electric cars, and care for all life, wildlife, animals, bees, bats, birds, etc. We can only do this together but if we don’t then you look at your kids and tell them the hardships we are leaving them to face. I’m willing to do my part to help save the earth and all creatures living on our beautiful planet! First up get rid of the damn plastic food store bags! Next we need to limit or get rid of lobbyists. No more drilling for oil in ocean or on land. No more lies, or ads, from fossil fuels! Life will not be so easy but we can do this and must if we want life on earth to continue. When do we do this? NOW!

  4. Gilda Provenzano says:

    Thank God in my area NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS.

  5. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    The very future of the planet is at stake. It’s a daunting task, but the American people trust you, President Biden, to do as much as is humanly possible to help us, all living beings, to survive.

  6. says:

    Please President Biden,as you campaigned heavily on this subject, we need you,the senate,and congress to see the urgency to address climate change.So much of our beautiful country has had catastrofic fires,floods and horribly polluted water! We are counting on you and Vice President Harris to really push this issue! The world is depending on you!

  7. Thanks for this topic! This is really important information about our planet and future! The entire future of the world is at risk.

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