Give Closure to Grieving 9/11 Families

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Release critical information relating to terrorist attacks of September 11.

September 11, 2001 was undeniably one of the most tragic days in American history. Close to 3,000 people died as a direct result of the terrorist attacks, and an untold number of first responders and volunteers may have succumbed to the after-effects of lung disease, cancer, and other ailments in the years following. U.S. leaders like to say, “never forget,” but for the grieving families still in turmoil, many have long felt forgotten and dismissed.

Through three administrations, the release of documents pertaining to possible direct Saudi Arabian involvement in the attacks has remained a consistent goal for vigilant families wanting and needing answers. Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump refuted these requests, the latter citing “state secret privilege.” Some families have recently called on President Biden not to attend any 9/11 memorial events until he honors a pledge to unseal the documents and put their concerns to rest at last.

The potential role of then-Saudi leaders in having knowledge of and even giving aid to the events of September 11 have long been an open question. Previous testimony by federal agents has done little to dispel these questions. While U.S. leadership has claimed it is protecting sensitive classified information, critics believe America is instead once again protecting Saudi Arabia, its close ally. This worry is far from groundless. The U.S. has still failed to take any meaningful action against the country’s Crown Prince for his seemingly verified role in the brutal execution of a dissident reporter.

This nation must put the welfare and well-being of its citizens over its alliance with a frequent human rights offender and possible terrorist sponsor. Sign the petition below to demand President Biden follow through where his predecessors have failed.


Dear President Biden,

This year, America will commemorate the 20-year anniversary of the worst mass casualty event to ever take place on American soil. Though many years have passed, the families most directly impacted still carry that tremendous weight. They have asked you, as well as leadership before you, to ease that weight in some small measure. Lawmakers have done the same, with the introduction of the September 11th Transparency Act of 2021.

The US-Saudi relationship cannot take precedence over the pain and suffering of Americans, whether that suffering results from executions or acts of terrorism. You cannot barter principles for oil or strategic advantage. Please fulfill your stated commitment to these families to release documents buried in secrecy for far too long.


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Photo Credit: Lars Mulder


  1. Jim Takahashi says:

    It’s so obvious to people with rational minds that 9/11 was a blatant false flag operation with quite a few botched jobs, the collapse of WT7 for example.

  2. Taliban tRump is not welcome. Family and friends in FDNY are LIVID.

  3. Said by tRump: What Bin Laden did was no big deal. It was just one hit. VILE POS.

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