Animals Covered in Oil and Lit on Fire, Smashed by Rock, and Drowned in Trash Can Deserve Justice

Target: Jim O’Neill, Forsyth County District Attorney
Goal: Pursue maximum penalty for man accused of horrific animal abuse.

A squirrel was sprayed with oil and set on fire, another squirrel was stomped to death, and a possum was drowned in a trash can, according to reports. Apparently, a 19-year-old man recorded himself performing these acts of abuse and then posted the videos online.

The alleged videos depicting the abuse were filmed between December 2018 and July 2019 but the arrest was just made.

While all of the reported acts are heinous, possibly the most grotesque abuse came when a squirrel was allegedly sprayed by the man with WD-40 and then lit on fire. The man is accused of allowing the squirrel to burn for two minutes and 56 seconds. This incident was also apparently filmed and shared on social media.

Another horrific act of abuse allegedly occurred when the man wrapped another squirrel in tape, placed the animal in a plastic bag, and then threw a large rock on the creature. To finish the job, the man allegedly stomped on the rock to further torture the animal.

Although the accused abuser was arrested, his bail was set at only $7,500.


Dear District Attorney Jim O’Neill,

Squirrels and a possum were reportedly subjected to horrific abuse in Forsyth County. According to reports, a man filmed himself engaging in a wide range of shocking instances of animal abuse. Reportedly, he then posted videos of this abuse on social media.

The details of these alleged crimes will shock the conscience. Allegedly, the man covered a squirrel in WD-40 and then filmed himself lighting the poor creature on fire. He also is reported to have taped a squirrel up, placed it in a bag, and then smashed the animal with a rock. Finally, he is also accused of drowning multiple animals in a trash can filled with water. All of this cruelty was then posted to social media, according to reports.

I ask that you please devote the resources necessary to fully prosecuting these alleged crimes. If you obtain a conviction, I also ask that you pursue the strictest punishment available.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Matti Paavola


  1. This monster needs to be found and tortured to the point of death then allowed to recover and tortured again. Post his PICTURE on whatever public place available so he can be attacked by anyone who loves animals.

  2. This scumbag severe animal abuser/killer must have the death penalty implemented. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure!!

    • Also me Michelle Mitchell.I agree with your comment. Torture the monster/s to death slowly.Make sure these psychopathic monsters suffer in excruciating agony the same as these evil lowlife monsters, precious and innocent victims endured.

  3. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    What a sadistic son of a bitch – he doesn’t deserve to be alive!, this world is full of scum that shouldn’t even be around contaminating the planet!

  4. patricia schwartzman says:

    Dear Jim O’Neill, Forsyth County District Attorney

    Please send this good for nothing bastard to jail for the duration of his miserable life! – and make him return the money he gained by posting all his degenerate videos …

    Thank you!

  5. Gabriela Torres says:

    TO: Jim O’Neill, Forsyth County District Attorney:
    Dear Mr. O’Neill:
    Frankly, I do not understand why SOCIAL MEDIA can publish all kinds of videos, be they pornographic or of any kind of crimes that are supposedly against the law. There should be censorship and a law prohibiting its publication.

  6. Milantia Roy says:

    We don’t need monsters like this – he should be punished severely and jailed in a maximum seurity prison for at least 30 years …

  7. jackie Pflucker says:

    That guy is a monster who does not deserve to be alive, for all the atrocities that he is capable of doing to defenseless animals – he is a disgrace to society, should be confined to a prison for life and be required to pay back until the last penny of the money he has gained after posting his crimes in Social Media.

  8. sylvia vegas says:

    All I can say now is that – ‘that miserable piece of scum deserves to be dead by now’.

  9. Robert Ortiz says:

    Please keep this sicko locked up behind bars forever and throw away the damn key! We don’t need anymore crazed psychopaths roaming freely! Prison is too good for this deranged piece of filthy human garbage!

  10. Avatar photo Torah Wolf says:

    There’s a special place in heaven for these people on the bad side of heaven across the Gulf they’ll hear the snarling and gashing of teeth in the dark it’s a horrible place to be but well deserving of those who are evil especially, to animals

  11. Kill the fucker/s who did this! Burn them alive!

  12. This worthless cocksucking sleazefuck subhuman pos cuntwhore needs to be lit on fire and have it filmed for us all to enjoy. The supreme happiness of watching this barely-enough justice take place for the unacceptable, unnecessary torture that the living, feeling, sentient beings suffered, who are far superior to this failed abortion pos, will almost make up for what was allowed to be done in your shithole county.

  13. People like this don’t get any better with time. Kill the psychopath because he’s just warming up.

  14. MOFO needs to have this done to him. He is one SICK human being! Hopefully Karma bites him in the ass when he least expects it.

  15. I cannot believe that ANYONE — any HUMAN — would deliver such abhorrent cruelty to Animals — cruelty on top of depravity on top of unconscionable brutality — what’s more, the IDIOT chose this for entertainment — we MUST NOT let the little IDIOT get away with this — we MUST treat Animal CRIMES seriously — if we are not more stern, we allow the PSYCHOS to continue — we MUST STOP them — you MUST NOT be easy and lax with punishment — throw him in prison for 5 years — slap with a fine of $5K — ensure he NEVER ADOPTS Animals — ensure he comes nowhere NEAR Animals.

  16. sylvia vegas says:


  17. Steve Clarke says:

    I HATE squirrels!! I would never do this myself to an animal, because I’m afraid of getting caught. Squirrels are the same thing as RATS, except squirrels are better looking, so we don’t think of squirrels as invasive species. I would have loved to have heard the squirrel squealing in pain, as he smashed it!

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