Save ‘Animals on Fire’ From Climate Change Driven Devastation

Target: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Goal: Rescue animals being burned alive by climate change driven fires in Turkey.

More than 2,000 farm animals have been burned alive by out-of-control wildfires in Turkey. The fires, driven by climate change induced heat waves, are the worst Turkey has seen in modern times. In addition to the thousands of dead animals, six people have lost their lives, including two firefighters.

While wildfires are not uncommon in Turkey, these fires are unique in their size and ferocity. This is due to historically unusual heat, low humidity, and dry soils, all driven by climate change.

Authorities and residents were caught off-guard by the severity of these fires, thereby allowing thousands of farm animals to be caught and killed in the flames.


Dear Recep Tayyip Erdogan,

Thousands of animals have burned alive in climate change driven wildfires in your country and six people have lost their lives, so far. While climate change is a global issue, your country provides heavy subsidies to coal energy which is a primary source of greenhouse gas emissions.

These people and animals did not have to lose their lives. On the global stage, you can provide more climate leadership, and at home, you can provide authorities with the resources necessary to protect all creatures from the ravages of climate change.

Please do what is right and fight climate change for all living beings.

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Photo credit: NOAA


  1. People are not getting it. They are thinking it’s just animals. Animals have souls too and they are key elements for our survival on earth. Not for their sake, please do something for your own and your children.
    These wildfire are not only destroying innocent animal lives, but also causing severe air pollution. Your indoor air quality is also going down by the minute.
    I own an air purifier – and I am not sure this is quite enough for the devastation that are being caused.

    Sometimes I truly feel we are responsible for the death and destruction of our beautiful planet and her innocent plants and creatures.
    GOD help us all and give us strength to redeem ourselves.

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