Don’t Give Sanctuary to Gun Violence

Target: Merrick Garland: U.S. Attorney General

Goal: Do not allow state to ban and punish efforts to curb gun violence.

What was once a shocking, headline-grabbing event is now a footnote in daily news. In just one week’s time in America, 430 people died from gun violence and over 1,000 were injured. The ground zeroes for these tragedies ranged from a stadium to a church parking lot to a teenager’s bedroom. At the current rate, 2021 is set to far surpass 2020’s record-breaking year of 43,000 gun -related fatalities. Instead of working towards a fix for this raging problem, Missouri politicians have chosen once again to protect guns over people.

The state’s Second Amendment Preservation Act, recently signed by the governor, would prohibit state officials from enforcing federal gun laws. With this move, Missouri declared itself not a sanctuary from gun violence but a sanctuary for the weapons used to kill hundreds of Americans every week. Missouri, already reeling from a surge of COVID-19 outbreaks, is also experiencing an epidemic of gun violence. Two of its biggest cities saw the highest levels of gun violence in decades last year. Those cities are now suing their own state government over the new law. Worse yet, this law threatens officers who do their jobs and uphold America’s laws with punishment. The effort is not only another self-destructive battle in political cultural wars but also illegal, as states do not have the authority to rebuff federal law.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has already sent a warning to Missouri’s supposed leaders. Sign the petition below to demand they back up their words of caution with decisive action.


Dear Attorney General Garland,

Increasingly, politicians in certain states and localities are using cultural wedge issues to openly defy the rule of law and place the lives of their own constituents in danger. Missouri has become one of the most egregious offenders. The DOJ recently sent a letter warning about the legal peril of the Second Amendment Preservation Act and the strain it could place on state and federal relations. Please do not stand down at words.

Take legal action, and do everything in your power to stop this politically motivated travesty. Lives are at stake….more with every passing day.


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  1. Muriel Servaege says:

    That would be appalling.

  2. Karen Redd says:

    Way to go Missouri!! And especially for pardoning the INNOCENT couple!

  3. Once again our Tiff has opened her pie hole on a subject that she apparently knows nothing about. Hey Tiff…guns save lives each year…MANY LIVES! Why don’t you give us the real facts instead of some breathless rehash of liberal gun views?? Why don’t you tell us that there are about thirty thousand deaths by firearms each year and two thirds of them are suicides?? Why don’t you tell us that so called gun free zones are some of the most dangerous places in America? Why don’t you tell us about the thugs of Chi-town and New Orleans and other demmie led cities where law enforcement is prohibited from solving the problem?? Why don’t you tell us why Chicago does literally nothing about their several mass shootings each and every weekend?? Why don’t you tell us about the millions of times each year that firearms are used to protect lives and property?? I’m calling you out Tiff…give us honesty instead of liberal bullshit!

  4. Missouri’s politicians need to be voted out. Life matters. But we have seen little matters to lawyer politicians than being reelected and money must be the root cause of their misgivings. I am flabbergasted that the couple holding guns on black protestors have not been reprimanded and the man is actually running for office. What a slap in the face for innocent, everyday, Americans. We pay your salaries but you do not even take us into consideration, you just let us die by guns. We supposedly live in a civilized society but last year 43,000 deaths by gun violence seems to say we are not civilized and our leaders are savage. This year is expected to be a higher number. This equals failure.

  5. PM…did you not ask yourself why the number of fatalities went way higher? REALLY?? We’ve been averaging about thirty thousand a year, always including suicides, for many years so why the increase? Do ya reckon it could be because of the liberal demmies using the pandemic to release thousands upon thousands of felons back onto the streets? Do ya reckon it could be because of the liberal demmies defunding the police?? YA RECKON?? Do a little thinking on this for a change! Otherwise all you’re doing is embarrassing yourself.

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