Shame on Toyota for Making Climate Change Worse

Target: Akio Toyoda, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation
Goal: Stop opposing efforts to fight climate change.

While most major car makers are supporting efforts to restrict tailpipe emissions that worsen climate change, Toyota has taken the opposite approach, and is quietly lobbying governments across the globe to reject climate change regulations. Once a world leader in cleaner car technology, Toyota has changed its tune and is now a leader in making climate change worse.

Governments around the globe are pushing to transition from gas powered vehicles towards all-electric cars which contribute much less to climate change. However, Toyota’s share of the all-electric market is tiny and their technology in this space is apparently unprepared for the shift to full-electric vehicles. Instead of being prepared for this shift or solving their internal problems, they’ve apparently chosen instead to undermine global efforts to reduce emissions. More pollution is seemingly good for their bottom line.

InfluenceMap, which tracks business’ efforts to fight or oppose climate change efforts, gives Toyota a “D-” grade which is the worst among automakers. They have stated that Toyota uses its lobbying influence to undermine public climate goals.

In this day and age of daily climate change-driven disasters, we cannot afford to allow a powerful corporation to undermine global efforts to save our planet.


Dear Akio Toyoda,

It was recently reported that Toyota has been working to undermine global efforts to combat climate change. In this day and age of clear and present climate change-driven disasters, the time for inaction has long since past. Unfortunately, it appears Toyota’s crimes against the planet are worse than inaction. Apparently, Toyota has been quietly lobbying government across the planet to oppose climate change regulations.

It was not that long ago that Toyota was a leader in moving the automotive industry towards cleaner technology. However, those days are apparently long gone. Now, Toyota appears to be a greedy corporation that is leading the efforts to stop climate change regulation and to continue polluting our planet.

While the hour is late, there is still time for you to change course. Please accept that major changes must be made to all industries, including the automotive industry, if we are to protect the human race from the worst ravages of climate change. In order to do so, your company must stop working against efforts to fight climate change.

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Photo credit: Toyota


  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    So here is my idea on these foreign companies…..We need to start buying American made products. Hit them where it hurts, in their wallet!

  2. Katherine Esslemont says:

    I’ve had 5 Toyota’s, won’t have any again. Greedy people who think they own the earth and can destroy what they want with no consequences.

  3. Glen Anderson says:

    BOYCOTT Toyota for funding right-wing extremist Republican TERRORISTS who tried to VIOLENTLY OVERTHROW the U.S. government on January 6, 2021.

    Toyota is an ENEMY of honest democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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