Charge Cat Torturers with Animal Cruelty

Cat Torturers

Target: Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt

Goal: Charge four men with animal cruelty after they documented torturing, beheading and skinning a cat.

Four Tunisian men published photos of themselves on the web proudly beheading and skinning a cat in Sweden. Please sign this petition demanding the men face the harshest penalties possible for this animal cruelty.

Swedish police are investigating an incident documented with photos showing four men beheading and then skinning a cat. The reel of photos is disturbing to any except the men portrayed. They pose with smiles around the poor cat’s decapitated head and lifeless body before more photos provide a play-by-play of the murder.

The four men have been identified through their profiles on Facebook as Hamza Tchaki, Youssef Ben Ali, Kuorbam Uomama and Firas Mani. While all four men are of Tunisian origin, Hamza Tchaki has been identified as the prime suspect because he is a citizen of Vagnhӓrad, Sweden.

As Swedish police continue their investigation it is important that indicators play a role in charging and sentencing the men. According to a 2001-2004 study by the Chicago Police Department, “Of those arrested for animal crimes, 65 percent had been arrested for battery against another person.”

The Humane Society lists many more documented and researched cases that share similar figures. For instance, out of 36 convicted multiple murders, 46 percent admitted committing acts of animal torture as adolescents. Another alarming statistic shows that of seven school shootings that took place in the U.S. between 1997 and 2001, all involved boys had previously committed acts of animal cruelty.

Not only did these men torture, behead and skin the cat, they documented the whole thing with smiles and published the photos as an accolade to their work. These acts of cruelty must be prosecuted to the highest degree possible in an effort to reform the men’s tendency toward cruelty. Please sign this petition and demand that these four cat murderers face the harshest penalties for their animal cruelty.


Dear Prime Minister Reinfeldt,

Four Tunisian men recently tortured, beheaded and skinned a cat in Sweden. The incident was then published by the abusers in a series of photos on the internet. Please charge Hamza Tchaki, Youssef Ben Ali, Kuorbam Uomama and Firas Mani with the harshest animal cruelty charges as justice for the cat, and to provide punishment and rehabilitation in an effort to prevent further violence.

The four men involved were identified by their profiles on the social networking site, Facebook. Photos published by the men illustrate a night of murder using a single knife. The cat was first beheaded then the men paraded the head as a trophy or play toy. They posed for pictures with their triumphant kill and had a laugh putting the cat’s head atop a water bottle. The pictures get even more disturbing as they provide a detailed depiction of the skinning.

Statistics show people involved in animal cruelty often go on to commit further acts of violence against people. According to a 2001-2004 study by the Chicago Police Department, “of those arrested for animal crimes, 65 percent had been arrested for battery against another person.” Indicators for continued violence by animal abusers is illustrated in a Humane Society study that showed of 36 convicted multiple murders, 46 percent admitted committing acts of animal torture as adolescents.

In an effort to prevent later violence it is necessary that animal abusers face maximum penalties and receive the therapeutic interventions necessary to address underlying feelings of violence. Please charge these four cat murderers with animal cruelty charges as justice for the cat and in an effort to prevent more violence.


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Photo Credit: midnightwatcher.wordpress via Yahoo

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  1. Quelle bande de Barbares ! Tous à juger et direction la Taule…

  2. Quelle bande de Barbares! Tous à juger puis direction la Taule …

  3. quelle honte j’espère qu’il seront bien puni par la justice

  4. laetitia johnny smet says:

    ils faut punir ses ti batards qui s’en prenne aux animaux c’est scandaleux

  5. la peine de mort ! une honte au gouvernement Tunisien si ils laissent passe ca !

  6. Rachida KALIL says:

    C’est Horrible !!! J’aimerais savoir la suite à l’égard de ces criminels qui s’en prennent pour des êtres humains…SVP Mais il faut faire quelque chose !

  7. April Marie Powell says:

    Has anything been done yet?

  8. I just hope it was quick for the poor little soul.. I’m sure all he did was just seek pets :/

  9. Wat voor smeerlap moet je hiervoor zijn?! Waar is het zelfrespect.


  11. This is what happens when you let the Muslim filth into your countries. Kill these evil f**kers.

  12. Dawn Henri says:

    i saw this many years ago. it’s taken all this time to get their identities & petition organized. kudos to persistence w this atrocity. the perps have likely done this everyday w the food animals on their plates. they feel nothing except impudence. no conscience whatsoever. a danger to everyone on this earth. they deserve life in jail & no benefits

  13. Lilian Ramos says:

    Hay que hacerles lo
    mismo. OJO POR OJO….

  14. I like to behead these monsters

  15. sue fleming says:


  16. JINNY LEE says:

    Nothing but low-life, insecure, pieces of sh*t…..

  17. Zero tolerance here …not worth a light so get rid of these sub species of humans

  18. I love animals cats my fav.

  19. The perpetrators are less than human. Lick them up for a very long time!!!

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