Charge Cat Torturers with Animal Cruelty

Target: Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt

Goal: Charge four men with animal cruelty after they documented torturing, beheading and skinning a cat.

Four Tunisian men published photos of themselves on the web proudly beheading and skinning a cat in Sweden. Please sign this petition demanding the men face the harshest penalties possible for this animal cruelty.

Swedish police are investigating an incident documented with photos showing four men beheading and then skinning a cat. The reel of photos is disturbing to any except the men portrayed. They pose with smiles around the poor cat’s decapitated head and lifeless body before more photos provide a play-by-play of the murder.

The four men have been identified through their profiles on Facebook as Hamza Tchaki, Youssef Ben Ali, Kuorbam Uomama and Firas Mani. While all four men are of Tunisian origin, Hamza Tchaki has been identified as the prime suspect because he is a citizen of Vagnhӓrad, Sweden.

As Swedish police continue their investigation it is important that indicators play a role in charging and sentencing the men. According to a 2001-2004 study by the Chicago Police Department, “Of those arrested for animal crimes, 65 percent had been arrested for battery against another person.”

The Humane Society lists many more documented and researched cases that share similar figures. For instance, out of 36 convicted multiple murders, 46 percent admitted committing acts of animal torture as adolescents. Another alarming statistic shows that of seven school shootings that took place in the U.S. between 1997 and 2001, all involved boys had previously committed acts of animal cruelty.

Not only did these men torture, behead and skin the cat, they documented the whole thing with smiles and published the photos as an accolade to their work. These acts of cruelty must be prosecuted to the highest degree possible in an effort to reform the men’s tendency toward cruelty. Please sign this petition and demand that these four cat murderers face the harshest penalties for their animal cruelty.


Dear Prime Minister Reinfeldt,

Four Tunisian men recently tortured, beheaded and skinned a cat in Sweden. The incident was then published by the abusers in a series of photos on the internet. Please charge Hamza Tchaki, Youssef Ben Ali, Kuorbam Uomama and Firas Mani with the harshest animal cruelty charges as justice for the cat, and to provide punishment and rehabilitation in an effort to prevent further violence.

The four men involved were identified by their profiles on the social networking site, Facebook. Photos published by the men illustrate a night of murder using a single knife. The cat was first beheaded then the men paraded the head as a trophy or play toy. They posed for pictures with their triumphant kill and had a laugh putting the cat’s head atop a water bottle. The pictures get even more disturbing as they provide a detailed depiction of the skinning.

Statistics show people involved in animal cruelty often go on to commit further acts of violence against people. According to a 2001-2004 study by the Chicago Police Department, “of those arrested for animal crimes, 65 percent had been arrested for battery against another person.” Indicators for continued violence by animal abusers is illustrated in a Humane Society study that showed of 36 convicted multiple murders, 46 percent admitted committing acts of animal torture as adolescents.

In an effort to prevent later violence it is necessary that animal abusers face maximum penalties and receive the therapeutic interventions necessary to address underlying feelings of violence. Please charge these four cat murderers with animal cruelty charges as justice for the cat and in an effort to prevent more violence.


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Photo Credit: midnightwatcher.wordpress via Yahoo

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  1. What sort of evil, vile scum stands there smiling when they have just committed such a cowardly , loathsome act. Do they think it makes them look big !!! if they could see our comments I’m sure they would be laughing !!! I wish we could find a way to rid the world of such utter useless garbage because they are of no use to anyone, they are the smallest of the small, deranged and vile.

  2. Kristin Ehrenborg says:

    The prime minister of Sweden 2016 is Stefan Löfven, not Reinfeldt.

  3. todd fletcher says:

    Look it’s a PIC of a bunch Tards on Paint chips!!!!!!!! Someone near these Shit heads needs to take these Turds out!

    • Drago Bandas says:

      You are right !!! I hope someone will behead these Motherfuckers, as they have done it to that helpless Cat !!! Poor cat …… Rest in Peace !!!

  4. Angela Broome says:

    These men deserve to be beaten to a pulp, tortured and then the same thing done to them as they did to that poor defenceless cat. How utterly horrifying, what a seriously sick and evil thing to do. I hope they get what’s coming to them, I really do!!!

  5. Sick pathetic freaks. How cowardly to pick on someone so small and defenseless. Gutless creeps.
    lm sure they will only get a slap on the wrist as otherwise it might look like they are getting picked on for being from some other country, and everyone is too scared to point that out in europe.

  6. Candy O'Kelley says:

    Do these scumbags think it makes them “manly men” to torture and kill a helpless animal?? Apparently they’re too stupid to know it just shows that four sick, perverted psychos found each other. Please, prosecute these gutless perverts, throw their disgusting asses in jail! There’s something really mentally wrong with these dirtbags. Poor, defenseless cat!!!
    Do something before they gang up on a child…

  7. Lajos Vas Lajos Vas says:

    Justice !!!!!!!!!!!!and after police have them in custedy it must be investigated how many cats or other animals they torgered.4 handsome men young and lucky will face charges because they are so stupid or bored they don t know what is right and wrong ! well judge will tell them !

  8. sandra mason says:

    I just can’t believe they can stand there so proud. just unbelievable. look at the size of them compared to the size of that poor little cat. obviously they are trying to make up for a personal shortcoming. didn’t work. they still look like tiny little “men”.

  9. get tham all out of europe we dont want tham and dont need tham,the police know what they look like so get tham.

  10. sandra mason says:

    I wish we could find out what happens with these petitions.

  11. kay allan says:


  12. I swear to God, if I were there, around those men, I would find a way to off all of them, one by one! Those pieces of s**t! If those absolute worthless pieces of garbage, aren’t punished for this atrocity, when it’s right there in plain view, on FB, there is absolutely no hope for the human race…we’re done for.

  13. Linda Amundson says:

    I know this took place in 2013. Was anything ever done to these scum bags?? I agee with a the comments that these 4 losers are utter COWARDS. It took 4 of these sniveling weaklings to torture & kill a being 1/15 the size of each of them. They aren’t “men.” Real men don’t hurt anyone smaller than themselves, let alone a tiny cat. Hope at least the coward holding the cat’s head was punished by Swedish law. Even dead, that cat is valued by people more than any of the cowardly trash that tortured & killed him or her will EVER be. Die you worthless mofo’s!

  14. lizzy jacobs says:

    Those guys are nothing !!! Probably very stupid, poor, uneducated, without a job because they have nothing else to do than torture a pour animal.

    This is people that lives on the border of the society. I hope they are proud
    on what they have reached. You are less than that our cat.

  15. Evil ignorant pathetic sick ass guys…I can’t believe the world I live in sometimes…they MUST be punished to the full extent of the law and banned from pet ownership ever again…I wish I could get my hands on them, I’d skin and behead all of their tiny pathetic penis’s….

  16. Facebook allows all 4 of these disgusting filthy murderers to have facebook accounts! Go look them up, they are all STILL on facebook. Disgusting scum.

  17. Evil sick garbage….please bring them all to justice! Why are there so many sick people like this….please rid society of them!!!

  18. This Petition is wrong. Reinfeldt is no longer the Prime Minister. Stefan Löfven is and has been since 2014 so please fix your petition

  19. Alice Knight says:

    Yes they do look as if they are enjoying themselves, so proud of their accomplishments. I would like to know what their parents think of their sons work? I am appalled and horrified of this incomprehensible behaviour. If these men are on facebook, what is holding authorities back from arresting them?

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