Dog Reportedly Shot and Killed in Dispute Deserves Justice

Target: Brandon Goins, Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney for Tazewell County, VA

Goal: Strictly punish man accused of shooting dog to death if found guilty.

A dog reportedly became an innocent bystander in a dispute between two Virginia men. The canine, along with one of the men, was shot. While the man reportedly survived and remains hospitalized, this poor animal tragically died from his injuries.

The suspect in the shooting, James Patrick Cantrell, faces a host of charges that include use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, aggravated malicious wounding, and animal cruelty. Cantrell also apparently had an outstanding warrant for abduction. No motive for the apparent crimes has been disclosed. This suspect needs to be held fully accountable if he is found guilty.

Sign the petition below to demand justice in this troubling case.


Dear Mr. Goins,

The charges against James Patrick Cantrell are numerous and serious. Please treat the deadly crime he allegedly committed against an innocent dog with equal gravity. When he reportedly shot this animal, he violated the Virginia animal cruelty statute that includes anyone who “cruelly or unnecessarily beats, maims, mutilates, or kills any animal, whether belonging to himself or another.” If this dog belonged to someone else, the suspect also may have violated the portion of Virginia laws that condemns “malicious injury, killing, or poisoning animals owned by another.”

Do not lose sight of the fact that this case involved two reported victims, one of whom ultimately lost his life. Please prosecute every aspect of this case to the fullest extent and seek the maximum possible penalty if conviction results.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Rizwan Sayyed


  1. There is NO excuse for this evil, wicked action. The SAME must be done to those who do it to innocent animals, of which they ALL are!!

  2. All animal abusers globally must be put to death.A slow and agonising death is essential!

  3. Marlene J Prout says:

    Punishment for animal abuse is not severe enough. Give the same treatment to those who hurt or kill…….TAKE A LIFE–GIVE A LIFE!!

  4. Vincent Farrell says:

    This asshole needs to be hung or lynched. Nothing less.

  5. As far as I can tell from the description of the incident this dog was shot at point blank range for no reason at all. Cantrell, the shooter, was upset with the other man who owned the dog. Cantrell decided to shoot them both. He injured the man and killed his dog. Cantrell deserves prison, fines, paying for this man’s medical bills and not being around animals fr the rest of his life. This is totally wrong. There can be little if any defense. If Virginia law doesn’t hold up in a court of law and Cantrell gets off then our laws in America hold no value. All life has value and Cantrell needs to be removed from society.


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