Hundreds of Indigenous Children Hidden in Mass Graves Deserve Justice and Peace

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Launch investigation into suspected genocide against indigenous people carried out over a century.

Since the horrific discovery of an estimated 200 children’s unmarked graves on the grounds of a shuttered indigenous residential school, Canada has faced a reckoning with this dark chapter of its past. After the heartbreaking event, over 1,000 more remains of indigenous youth were uncovered at other shut-down residential schools across the country. The most recent mass graveyard held 750-plus deceased children. Some of these kids were believed to be as young as three years old. The disturbing findings canceled Canada Day celebrations in many parts of the country and sparked apologies from the national government. Outraged descendants and Canadian citizens demand more action.

The residential schools first gained notoriety in the late 1800s and continued until about 1970. During this time, untold numbers of indigenous children were forcibly removed from their homes and taken to these facilities touted as educational centers. A commissioned report released in 2015 revealed more horror than learning took place at the supposed schools, however. Cultural indoctrination was apparently the true motive for these facilities run by both churches and the government.

Broad and persistent stories of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse have emerged from survivors’ accounts. This report also predicted the tragic happenings of today that demonstrate just how pervasive the abuse and mistreatment may have been. In their findings, the commission stated its belief that over 4,000 deaths occurred at the schools. The recent discoveries seemingly validate this conclusion. With nearly all of the graves previously unidentified, even more victims will likely be uncovered at other sites.

Sign the petition below to join in the calls for a full investigation into what experts are unequivocally deeming “cultural genocide.”


Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Imagine if one day your child was taken from you, sent to a school, and never returned. Any inquiries you make into your child’s whereabouts are met with evasions, lies, or dismissal. What if you went to your own grave never knowing what happened to the person you cherished most in the world? And what if, decades or even centuries later, the remains of your loved one were discovered dumped in an unmarked grave like trash? What if your child died cold, alone, unloved, and unknown?

Thousands of family descendants are currently grappling with this reality and the knowledge that their own government played an instrumental role in making these atrocities possible. The indigenous communities who have long endured oppression and outright discrimination deserve closure. The affected families deserve to have their ancestors laid to rest in peace. And the country and world deserve answers.

Please heed calls for an expansive search of all former residential school grounds and a thorough investigation into these crimes against humanity. Ensure anyone still living who played a role in one of Canada’s most shameful legacies is held fully accountable.


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Photo Credit: Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development 


  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    This is a dark, barbaric and heinous chapter in Canada’s history. It must be acknowledged and rectified in some way immediately.

  2. The United States government also had “schools” for indigenous children. I’m sure that they weren’t all squeaky clean either. The end result was the same – make these children forget who they really are and make them into “good American citizens”. They would still be sequestered on reservations with hardly any rights of an American. They would continue to be looked down upon by white citizens and forced to live in poverty. We need apologies all around.

  3. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

    Launch investigation into deiberate genocide against indigenous children and people carried out over a century.

    Always the rotten vile and evil human species who are the monsters who commit these unimagianble atrocities against their own species, animals and wildlife.

    It is the human lowlife human species who murder their own species, animals and wildlife who need to be eradicated from
    the planet.

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