Demand that Woman who Injured Dog with Cayenne Pepper be Charged with Animal Abuse


Target: King County Prosecuting Attorney, Dan Satterberg

Goal: Charge Fredda Starr with animal abuse for intentionally targeting pets with cayenne pepper.

A property manager named Fredda Starr recently admitted to using cayenne pepper to injure neighborhood pets. She sprinkled several jars of the spice on the ground surrounding the apartment complex where she works. One dog experienced painful burns as a result of her actions and had to receive several hundred dollars in veterinary care. The district attorneys in Seattle have chosen not to file any charges against her, despite the injury that occurred because of her actions.

Cayenne pepper is not fatal, but can cause many painful side effects for animals. Not only can it burn the skin, but if it is consumed it can cause internal burns to the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines. Starr knew the effects of cayenne when she chose to sprinkle it all over the grounds surrounding that apartment complex. She reportedly took this action because she had grown frustrated with irresponsible pet owners who did not pick up after their dogs. Regardless of her reason, this was a cruel and intentional act. More dogs could have easily been injured. In fact, more animals might have been injured, but their owners would never have suspected to look for cayenne pepper on the ground.

Even though Fredda Starr has apologized for her actions and agreed not to injure any more animals with cayenne pepper, her cruel and bizarre behavior merits punishment. These animals did nothing wrong and should not have had to suffer for walking on the sidewalk. Despite the complaint that has been filed with the Seattle Police Department, no charges have been filed.

Demand that this woman gets charged with animal abuse for intentionally targeting neighborhood pets.


Dear King County Prosecuting Attorney, Dan Satterberg,

A woman named Fredda Starr recently admitted to targeting neighborhood pets with cayenne pepper. She works as a property manager and sprinkled several jars of the spice around the apartment complex where she works in order to injure the dogs that came in contact with it. One small dog experienced painful burns from the cayenne and had to receive several hundred dollars in veterinary care as a result. This poor dog did nothing wrong and was merely on a walk through the neighborhood when it came in contact with the cayenne.

Cayenne pepper is not fatal to dogs but can burn the skin that comes in contact with it. If cayenne is consumed by dogs, it can also cause burns to the mouth, esophagus, and stomach. Starr knowingly left cayenne where dogs frequent because she knew what miserable side effects would result when pets came into contact with it. She claimed she was tired of irresponsible pet owners who did not pick up after their animals. Instead of targeting these pet-owners, she chose to target the pets in a cruel and intentional way. More pets could have easily been injured. In fact, more animals might have been injured, but their owners would never have suspected to look for cayenne pepper on the ground.

The Seattle police department has chosen not to file charges against Fredda Starr, despite the complaint that has been filed. Though she apologized and agreed not to do this again, she should be charged with animal abuse for her actions. Starr knowingly and intentionally targeted neighborhood pets with cayenne pepper, and at least one dog suffered injuries as a result. Please charge this woman with animal abuse.


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  1. I think this woman should pay the vet. bills. She should have demanded pet owners to pick up after their pets or move.

  2. This mean woman sholud not only pay the injured dog’s vet bill, any other injured by her actions.And the people should want to pick up after their own dogs. After all who wants to walk in dog poop? What ever happened to do unto others?

  3. she obviously knew the pepper was going to hurt the animals as that was her reason for putting it there. I see as as aggravated willful endangerment and should carry a penalty.
    any attorneys starting out willing to represent the animal?

  4. If dog owners started doing what they should be doing, like picking up after your dog, then this would have never happened. what ever happened to “owning up to your responsibility” ? She also apparently put up notices, and notified people of the problem about the dog shit. People need to own up to their own shit, and this would never have happened.

    • Get a heart.

    • Sharon Morgan says:

      No excuse for cruelty. I pick up after my dogs, however I understand that some people don’t. No excuse she knew it was wrong and harmful to the animal. Time to grow up I think.

    • You are correct however you don’t do something that delieberately brings harm. The days of eye for an eye went away a long time ago.
      You take the proper actions eg. call police, report those ignoring the law.
      If a child walks on the lawn of a neighbor with a sign posted “do not walk on the lawn” to we deliberately bring harm to the child.
      The dog was not responsible for the actions of the owner.

  5. This woman should absolutely be made responsible for the Vet Bills. Yes, people should pick up after their animals but do not take out your animosity on a defenseless animal.

  6. The dog had minor irritation of the paws that probably didn’t even merit a visit to the vet. These “hundreds” of dollars were for several needless trips to the vet because this owner is trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Cayenne pepper and Tabasco is something that, for decades, dog owners, myself included, have used on their own dogs to keep them from eating or digging up plants or chewing up furniture. Using a known dog repellent to repel dogs that is generally not harmful is not and will never be willful cruelty to animals. Find a real cause to support.

  7. Mike Gleason says:

    What a bunch of…

    First, who is fact checking this? There are many resources suggesting that cayenne is a safe way to repel dogs. In fact, the eHow page which lists it says “All of the repellents listed below are 100 percent safe for dogs and the environment.”

    Second, clean up after your pet! Set up a litter box and take tare of it yourself. Pet poop and pee is totally unsanitary – even if it is “picked up” because you always leave that disgusting residue. In fact we really need laws which make it a serious a crime to let your pet poop or pee in public. It’s already illegal for people in most places. Why to we let dogs do it – especially on other peoples property?

  8. You stupid irresponsible dog owners are pitiful. It was done on her property and its done because you owners fail to pick up your dog crap.

    Why own a pet if you aren’t responsible enough to look after it? Your dog deserves to get injured because of you.

  9. I support the property owner 100%. Dog owners do not have the right to trespass on someone else property. Why is it necessary for a person to watch their dog defecate and urinate on someone else’s property? Let the dog do it on your own property.

    Speaking to dog owners many times does not accomplish anything. However, I bet that dog owners know not to let their dogs dot heir business on this woman’s property!

    I say good for her.

  10. I support the property owner 200%. It’s hard to catch the irresponsible dog owners, and even if you did, it wouldn’t accomplish anything by talking to them. Irresponsible dog owners should pick up after their damn dogs or let their damn dog do it in their own property, period. A little cayenne pepper would not harm the dogs, maybe the property owner used a bit too much, but that’s OK.

  11. alegra vilo says:

    i have a neighbor who has done this malicious act to my dog and i clean up his messes my neighbor is just an asshole and cruel but remember life is a carousel and how would he like me doing thus to his cats

  12. Human lover says:

    Roundworm from dog poo can cause blindness in children. The owner deserves a round of applause. Child abuse never makes the news it’s sadly so common. Pepper on a dog’s foot makes international news… what a seriously warped world we live in. Would you let your child poo in the street? This petition is straight out of Nazi Germany where animals were given more rights than people.

    • I actually love dogs as a whole species better than people. It’s too bad I love my dog more than anything you will ever love anything. What gives you the right to decide what one living creature is more valuable than another. You need to learn some respect for the world around you.

  13. Fine the dog owner.

  14. It’s so stupid of how dog owners feel that they are entitled to let their mutt crap all over the place and not worrying about picking up after it. Like seriously, how hard is it to bend over and pick up shit?

  15. Someone covered the ground on my pup (8 months old) and I’s usual walk. Luckily my fiancée saw it and I was able to pull him up away from it. All he was doing was sniffing the ground and he could have been seriously hurt. It’s a two way street, yes, don’t be an inconsiderate dog owner and don’t be an inconsiderate property owner.

  16. Deserves everything he got …Should pick up their shit…Pet owners act like your yard is their pet’s bathroom. Let your dog shit on your lawn. Assholes in every sense of the world. I’m buying Cayenne pepper today! Bravo!

  17. I’ve had problems with dogs like that before. I find going to that length is a little extream. Cayenne pepper is extreamly expensive. I find my little red rider to be cheap and effective.

  18. News Flash: The world is not your dog’s toilet.

    I actually don’t mind dogs but too many of their owners are self entitled, disrespectful douche bags.

    You think other people’s property is yours, you’re very wrong.

  19. What a bunch of idiots. The people weren’t tresspassing….it’s an apartment complex. Yes, people should pick up after their dogs… people should also not be angry pieces of shit that attack harmless animals. Seriously, people like you all are what’s wrong with the world… NOT dogs. Would love to see you cowards in action… yes animal lover all the way and would snap someone in half if they ever messed with mine. Hateful pitiful trashy heartless Cowards that hate on animals. If you don’t want to sign an (outdated) petition, good for you. Go seek your attention somewhere else. Animal lovers don’t need you, and certainly don’t want you either.

  20. Geez I was googling how to make a cayenne mix to put in the grass because some a-hole is letting their huge dog take extremely large dumps right where we park our car. Just because the grass is in a city right of way doesn’t mean you dog owners have to be jerks and think it’s okay to foul public land. 100% behind the owner. Looks like a lot of people would rather sue the property owner than make the dog owner take responsibility. Fine, I’ll take the other suggestion I saw that says pour bacon grease on the pooh and the dogs will eat their own excrement until their owner catches a clue. Whose being mean then? Dog owners letting their dogs eat whatever they find.

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