Demand that Woman who Injured Dog with Cayenne Pepper be Charged with Animal Abuse

Target: King County Prosecuting Attorney, Dan Satterberg

Goal: Charge Fredda Starr with animal abuse for intentionally targeting pets with cayenne pepper.

A property manager named Fredda Starr recently admitted to using cayenne pepper to injure neighborhood pets. She sprinkled several jars of the spice on the ground surrounding the apartment complex where she works. One dog experienced painful burns as a result of her actions and had to receive several hundred dollars in veterinary care. The district attorneys in Seattle have chosen not to file any charges against her, despite the injury that occurred because of her actions.

Cayenne pepper is not fatal, but can cause many painful side effects for animals. Not only can it burn the skin, but if it is consumed it can cause internal burns to the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines. Starr knew the effects of cayenne when she chose to sprinkle it all over the grounds surrounding that apartment complex. She reportedly took this action because she had grown frustrated with irresponsible pet owners who did not pick up after their dogs. Regardless of her reason, this was a cruel and intentional act. More dogs could have easily been injured. In fact, more animals might have been injured, but their owners would never have suspected to look for cayenne pepper on the ground.

Even though Fredda Starr has apologized for her actions and agreed not to injure any more animals with cayenne pepper, her cruel and bizarre behavior merits punishment. These animals did nothing wrong and should not have had to suffer for walking on the sidewalk. Despite the complaint that has been filed with the Seattle Police Department, no charges have been filed.

Demand that this woman gets charged with animal abuse for intentionally targeting neighborhood pets.


Dear King County Prosecuting Attorney, Dan Satterberg,

A woman named Fredda Starr recently admitted to targeting neighborhood pets with cayenne pepper. She works as a property manager and sprinkled several jars of the spice around the apartment complex where she works in order to injure the dogs that came in contact with it. One small dog experienced painful burns from the cayenne and had to receive several hundred dollars in veterinary care as a result. This poor dog did nothing wrong and was merely on a walk through the neighborhood when it came in contact with the cayenne.

Cayenne pepper is not fatal to dogs but can burn the skin that comes in contact with it. If cayenne is consumed by dogs, it can also cause burns to the mouth, esophagus, and stomach. Starr knowingly left cayenne where dogs frequent because she knew what miserable side effects would result when pets came into contact with it. She claimed she was tired of irresponsible pet owners who did not pick up after their animals. Instead of targeting these pet-owners, she chose to target the pets in a cruel and intentional way. More pets could have easily been injured. In fact, more animals might have been injured, but their owners would never have suspected to look for cayenne pepper on the ground.

The Seattle police department has chosen not to file charges against Fredda Starr, despite the complaint that has been filed. Though she apologized and agreed not to do this again, she should be charged with animal abuse for her actions. Starr knowingly and intentionally targeted neighborhood pets with cayenne pepper, and at least one dog suffered injuries as a result. Please charge this woman with animal abuse.


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  1. Yea whatever its a darm shame that people are so freaken hard headed i have the same problem in my neighborhood the property management tell these ignorant ass people over and over again to pick up after their pets then the fail to so. I dont blame her at all for doing what she did unfortunately i had to come to this when a person gets they get fed up. I wont be signing no fucken petition fuck you bitch and your fucken mut

  2. Irresponsible dog owners are a tribe of savages. they don’t care about sanitation, public health, pollution, and social responsibility. I support Fredda Starr.

  3. Joseph turner says:

    Its just a freakin dog i swear people are so damn sensitive nowadays


    The property owner is 100% completely justified. I have this same problem. I have tried pleading with the dog owners, put up signs, filed reports and submitted videos to municipal bylaw officers, planted small shrubs and erected a low fence along my property edge. Nothing has worked. I have watched dog owners allow their dogs to jump over my low fence so they can do their business in my yard. Kudos to her for the great idea, I will use cayenne pepper as well.

    • Why punish/injure the dog? It’s the dog owner’s fault.
      This whole blog is so twisted!
      Blame and retaliate against the OWNER, not the Dog!!!

  5. Steven Honey says:

    Stick your petition up your ass. And go pick up all that dog shit while your at it. The dog owner should be the one in trouble for letting her dog eat all the orange shit all over the place, even after seeing all the empty cayenne pepper containers all over the place identifying the substance. What an idiot.

  6. Fuck dog owners, what a bunch of assholes. Your little furry child isn’t cute to anyone else but you. To everyone else it’s a disgusting nuisance. Fuck you dog lovers.

  7. I feel that this woman was in the right. The owner of the dog I responsible for the vet bill. It was due to their lack of respect for property rules. They were warned. I love my dogs and I live in the country so they can go anywhere. This doesn’t mean though that when I visit family in the city that I can still let my dogs run wild and poo wherever. 1.) Its my responsibility to clean up after them. I keep them on a leash and let them go in designated areas and then clean up after them. 2.) Cayenne is not lethal. Yes it will irritate their innards but I promise you would be grateful its not antifreeze or any other deadly poison. There are real evil people in this world and this woman is not one of them. If anything, she is merciful. 3.) If you treat your dogs like your children, would you allow them to disrespect a neighbor’s yard? Be responsible for your pet. Leash them and clean up after them so they don’t pay for your negligence and disregard for other peoples property and health. Plus, remember that you live there too and unless you like smelling it or stepping in it, learn some respect.

  8. Fuck you people. People dropping dog poop were probably asked nicely to pick it up and they didnt.

  9. Um letting your dog roam around on someone else’s property is your fault. What if it was pesticide for bugs that she had sprayed? Should she have to go around the neighborhood and warn everyone not to enter her property with pets? Take some personal responsibility!

  10. pickup after your pe

  11. respect others space and you won’t have that problem

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