Crippled and Emaciated Dog Deserves Justice

Target: Allen County Prosecutor, Karen Richards
Goal: Find and prosecute person who starved dog.

A “severely malnourished” dog was recently found abandoned. The dog was so underfed that his ribs were clearly visible through his skin and he was unable to walk on his own. A passerby discovered the poor animal near a former Target building in Fort Wayne, Indiana (on the 7600 block of South Anthony Boulevard).

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control officials suspect that the dog was confined to a small crate, based upon his behavior as observed by rescuers.

Holly Pasquinelli from Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, lamented “When you see an animal come in in this condition, it’s so frustrating because we could’ve helped earlier and prevented this from happening, and helping those people too.”

Animal officials are seeking information from the public regarding the previous owners of this dog but no suspects have been announced.


Dear Karen Richards, Allen County Prosecutor,

A severely malnourished dog was recently discovered in your jurisdiction. As you can see from a picture of this animal, the poor creature was just skin and bones. Animal control workers believe the dog had not only been horribly underfed, but was also likely kept confined to a small crate.

Animal abuse is a serious crime and we must devote sufficient resources to combating its scourge. I respectfully request that you commit all available resources to investigate and prosecute the person or persons responsible for the terrible suffering of this poor animal.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control



  1. Brenda Burke says:

    What’s with this ‘We could have helped them’.Do what? What kind of idiot does not know that is wrong?? The only help they need is to prison sharing a cell with an animal lover.

  2. Julia Edinger says:


  3. All animal abusers globally must have the mandatory death penalty performed on them!

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