Stop Shooting Innocent Rabbits at Airport

Target: Tamara Vrooman, Vancouver International Airport CEO

Goal: Stop shooting rabbits and find non-lethal solutions.

The Vancouver International Airport has become the home to a large colony of rabbits, and airport officials’ response has been to shoot them. For the past several weeks, a man with an active firearm has been on the premises and shooting the rabbits.

There are a number of non-lethal options available for rabbit control, yet the airport is hiding behind government sanction as an excuse for their disgusting and uncompassionate behavior. They claim that this is the only solution, and have turned down numerous offers to assist in relocating the rabbits.

Sign this petition to have the airport stop this barbaric behavior, and find an ethical solution for their rabbit popultion.


Dear Mrs. Vrooman,

I am disgusted with how you are handling the over-population of rabbits at your airport. Shooting them is such an archaic, barbaric solution and this must stop. There are a number of non-lethal solutions available, and you have even turned down several offers to have people properly relocate the rabbits to an appropriate habitat.

You claim that safety is your number one priority, but bringing in people with active firearms to such a busy and public place is a horrific misjudgment on the part of all airport officials. You also claim that this response is endorsed by the Ministry of Forest Lands and Natural Resource Operations, yet it is shameful that you justify your decisions with bureaucratic legalities.

I call on you to stop this disgraceful slaughter, and find a non-lethal, responsible solution to the rabbit population at your airport.


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Photo Credit: RickyNJ


  1. Linda Cummings says:

    This is exactly why the planet is so fucked up. Because the answer to every human problem is fuck it or kill or both. We are SUPPOSE TO SHARE THIS PLANET WITH FELLOW CREATURES> STOP SHOOTING EVERYTHING YOU DON’T COMPREHEND!!!!!

  2. Susan Macatangay says:

    There has been a reasonable solution to this problem,by animal agencies,to relocate the rabbits. Why do humans always have to kill animals as a solution. Why is it so hard to be kind, instead of being vicious.

    • lisa black says:

      I agree, and Canada once again proves it is not the nice , polite, progressive country it wants the world to think it is. They’re still clubbing baby seals, shooting polar bears, hundreds of graves of indigenous children have been found on Catholic church grounds, now senseless killing of rabbits!Oh CanaDuhhh!

  3. Joanne Folkins says:

    Lathe cull has been suspended already. Please take this petition down until it may be warranted again.

  4. Katherine Gonzalez says:

    People seem not to be able to stop killing. What is with them? Every creature has the right to live. If they are at the airport move them. There are lots of huge National parks where they can go.

  5. Barbara Garrison says:

    People are obsessed with killing animals. Instead of listening to good reasonable alternatives, they want to shoot them instead. Why? Is it USDA Wildlife Services doing it? If so, they’re crazy, sadistic, cruel individuals that have a urge to slaughter something. Let’s kick them out of existence. People standing together can make a difference.

  6. Shirley Lemieux says:

    I defend this petition and the fact that it has been pointed out to Mrs. Vrooman that there are a number of non-lethal solutions to resolve the rabbit issue. The fact that Mrs. Vrooman has turned down several offers to have people properly relocate the rabbits to an appropriate habitat should say it all. To have these rabbits shot is a disgraceful decision but not surprising given the bureaucratic bullshit that civilians commonly see or take witness to.

  7. All animal abusers globally must be exterminated. We must unite globally to wipe these vile cretin animal abusers off the planet!

  8. All animal abusing/killing cretins must be put to death by means of a slow and agonising termination. We must unite together globally to ensure that these scumbags endure a slow and agonising death!!!!

  9. Michelle Stewart says:

    Animals must be stopped being killed all the time. Unnecessary. Relocate them

  10. Nancy Chiodo says:

    Mankind, aka, humans are too lazy & stupid to plan & use creative thinking to solve problems in a humane way. Governments & private businesses don’t give a damn & won’t seek out or listen to workable alternatives.

  11. All animal lives are important. Vancouver airport should be charged to the fullest extent of the law and have a prison sentence.

    Why on earth would they refuse a humane relocation?? They should be jailed

  12. Agree all comments how about we shoot cruel people there the problem.

  13. Evan Jane Kriss says:


  14. This BARBARIC LETHAL solution must be STOPPED NOW!

  15. DISGUSTING!!! STOP THIS CRUELTY!!!!~~! There are things you can do other than Killing!!! We all have to share on this Planet!

  16. Killing animals small or big is not the solution and I don’t understand why you fucking Americans are so trigger- happy? Is this mandated by the Word of God that kill everything or anything you hate? No wonder this country has the highest crime rate in the world beating even the Moslem nations. I thought the Democrats are more considerate in such matters but they’re just the opposite side of the Republican coin.

  17. Nadine brundage says:

    Why is shooting these rabbits the only solution, a dog would help. Killing anything and everything is the usual stupid human response. Find a better way,how about something humane.

  18. Besa Lapi says:

    Those poor babies… COWARDS!!

  19. Look how cute rabbits are !! How can you shoot them ?! Humans have received higher intelligence to take care of animals. Not to abuse and hurt them. Because of these crimes, our race is miserable and suffers a lot. What did we expect ?

  20. You PSYCHOS’ cruel, depraved, unconscionable, hateful, immoral answer to existence of RABBITS is shameful & criminal — YOU can easily round up RABBITS & transport to a Rescue, where it can be determined what is best solution for RABBITS’ well-being & happiness — STOP the needless, abhorrent MURDERS of Rabbits — you’re making me SICK.

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