Make Plastic-Free Grocery Stores a Reality

Target: Galen Weston Jr., President of Loblaw Companies, Inc.

Goal: Replace plastic food packaging with environmentally friendly alternatives.

Nearly half of the plastic garbage that chokes our landfills comes from packaging, and the majority of this packaging is from the food we eat. A small grocery store in England recently went plastic-free and achieved this feat in as little as 10 weeks. It is time large grocery chains make the same commitment and have a wonderous effect on the environment.

Sign this petition to encourage Loblaw Companies, Inc. to stop packaging food in plastic and use environmentally-friendly, plant-based alternatives.


Dear Mr. Weston,

Your company supplies a large portion of the food consumed by Canadians every year. Unfortunately, it also accounts for a large percentage of the plastic that ends up in the landfill. More than 40% of the plastic that is thrown away is packaging, and most of this is from food.

I urge you to have your company go plastic-free. As a national leader in food distribution, you can have a significant positive impact on the environment by significantly reducing the amount of garbage that chokes our landfills and contaminates the environment. If you make the change to use environmentally-friendly packaging, then perhaps you can be the inspiration for other companies to do the same.

Please, replace plastic packaging with eco-friendly, plant-based alternatives in all your stores.


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  1. Is anyone listening? We are IN climate change now! The suggestion that grocers need to change their plastic packaging is not a request. Those who are savvy in business are selling their products sans plastic! At this point your people are dropping dead from a heat wave. Plastic is a cause of climate change. It is runny our oceans,killing fish, birds, mammals and coral reefs. We need to commit now to dumping companies like the one which was fined 60,000.00 for killing thousands of sharks yet they made several million on the catch of shark fins. So will they do it again? Yes. I’m sure there was a pay off at the government level or the company would have been thrown out and not allowed to do business in Canada. All the money in the world won’t buy anything if there is nothing to sell. Canada is not keeping up. All countries need to pull together or there will be no food, no water, no grains, corn, vegetables … nothing. And it is the fault of every one of us as we want modern convenience. But the governments are supposed to be leaders and you are leading us into an earth experience from which we may not survive. This includes government officials too! As it is said, we are in this together.

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