Stop Energy-Guzzling Crypto Mining From Worsening Climate Change

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Goal: Support oversight of cryptocurrency mining that endangers the environment.

China’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies did not just send the value of the digital finance tools tumbling. The aggressive move by the nation responsible for over 50 percent of Bitcoin production has also put crypto mining companies on the run. Many of the miners are seeking refuge for their activities in the United States. This move could put even more strain on America’s already deeply embattled environment.

Cryptocurrency mining is not the typical variety that you might associate with the word, but its impact can be every bit as detrimental to the planet. This type of mining involves solving complex math equations via computer technology, with successful solving leading to virtual coin rewards. As cryptocurrency took off, so did the high-speed, energy-sucking mining machines and enormous data centers brimming with these machines. The amount of electricity needed to power these machines is through the roof, as is the air conditioning required to keep them from over-heating. The amount of energy poured into just one of the major types of cryptocurrencies could sustain three million homes annually.

Increased demands on power grids mean more fossil fuel consumption, which in turn means more air, water, and land pollution.  Further, a cryptocurrency network’s electricity needs send an estimated 17 megatons of climate change-inducing carbon dioxide into the world. The uptick in air conditioning demands also puts a strain on the environment because of the release of gases like hydrofluorocarbons that have been shown to deplete the ozone layer. Ozone shields Earth from excess heating.

For these reasons and so many more, America’s leaders need to take a hard look at cryptocurrency mining and its potential costs. Sign the petition below to demand stronger oversight of this exponentially increasing environmental menace.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

The United States has made many promises in relation to climate change. Separately, lawmakers have considered regulation of the cryptocurrency market. These goals are intertwined, because the environment and America’s climate aspirations cannot pay the price for digital assets’ rise.

A recent report estimated that for every dollar of cryptocurrency mined, our planet loses 50 cents in cost. The true impact is immeasurable, however. We can never really know just how much damage the increased fossil fuel demand, air conditioning needs, and release of carbon and other dangerous substances required to sustain cryptocurrency mining will inflict on the environment. These effects are the hidden costs of digital mining operations that on their surface may seem harmless but are anything but ineffectual.

Please strongly weigh these costs and incorporate them into a comprehensive oversight policy on cryptocurrency mining.


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  1. The planet is burning up! The American government needs to stop and think about the cost of further harming the environment. Mining at any level is not needed in this time of severe climate change. I thought the democrats knew better. Climate change is supposedly on your agenda. Getting involved in bitcoin is not the answer. There is a whole world not realizing we are out of time. Governments want to do business as usual but to do so means to open the door to more severe heat, dry wells, no water, and possibly a dust bowl. If there is no food, no water, nothing but heat and fire what purpose has bitcoin when I have just described Hell. We have a beautiful planet but we idiots can and are destroying it for all of us. There is little hope but there is some. Let’s build a better world while we can.

  2. Glen Anderson says:

    BOTH of the big political parties are HORRIBLY CORRUPT and UTTERLY NEGLIGENT!!!

    Voters must REPLACE 90% of incumbents with strong Greens and Socialists.

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