Find Killer Who Shot Seven Horses to Death

Target: David Black, Sheriff of Otero County, New Mexico

Goal: Investigate string of killings involving several horses.

A New Mexico town has become the hunting ground for a serial horse executioner. A total of seven horses have been shot to death in Cloudcroft. The bodies of the animals were discovered in remote locations.

An unknown person or persons shot five of the horses in a short span of time. A few weeks later, two more deceased horses were found. All of the animals had been left to the mercy of scavengers. Little investigation appears to have taken place, since an animal advocacy group—and not law enforcement—is offering an award for information. The group cannot even be sure if the horses were under the care of someone, or if they were wild horses.

No matter their status, these living beings deserve justice. Sign the petition below to demand local authorities take this troubling case seriously.


Dear Sheriff Black,

“The animals of the community are at risk; the people of the community are at risk.” These words of warning come from the only people seemingly investigating a case of mass animal cruelty. Seven horses were gunned down in Otero County, and none of these animals survived.

Why is Animal Protection New Mexico apparently the only local entity that is posting flyers, offering rewards, or even attempting a cursory investigation into these events? The organization is right. Since animal cruelty is so often a precursor to even more violent acts, the community is at risk. Even in the absence of this fact, cruelty against animals is supposed to be a crime.

Please treat these disturbing acts as such, and open a full and immediate investigation.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Anastasia Shuraeva


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