Stop Catching and Torturing Whales in the Name of Science

Target: Harald Johannes Gjein, Director General of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet)

Goal: Stop unethical research on minke whales in Norwegian waters.

As the pandemic rages, scientists are fascinated by how the reduction in human travel has impacted wildlife. In particular, how boat travel bothers and stresses whales. One group of scientists is taking this research too far. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet), has issued permits that will allow scientists to trap and torture minke whales to study how stress and noise affects their brains.

The research will include herding the whales into a tiny temporary enclosure, inserting probes under their skin, and running tests on them for up to four days. If the whales become too stressed or aggressive, they will be dealt electric shocks or sedated to complete the unethical study.

Sign this petition to stop this disgusting and unethical research, and revoke all such permits in the future.


Dear Mr. Gjein,

Your organization has recently issued permits for the containment of minke whales and unethical experimentation. Wild animals are not toys for humans to poke, prod, and torture. Even if it is the name of science, this research is horrific and should not be allowed. Our understanding of the natural world should not be done at the expense of the animals that are supposedly being studied.

I urge you to stop this disgusting research and revoke all present and future permits that lead to the exploitation and torture of the ocean’s greatest creature.


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Photo Credit: Len2040

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