Justice for Service Dog Burned and Blinded in Apparent Acid Attack

Target: Ed Gonzalez, Sheriff of Harris County, TX

Goal: Fully investigate alleged act of animal cruelty involving acid attack on service dog.

A beloved service dog allegedly became the victim of a sadistic acid attack. Gizmo, a Shih Tsu, was found outside his caretaker’s door in visible distress. To his service companion’s horror, burns seemingly covered him. A veterinarian later reported that Gizmo had been doused with a large quantity of a cleaning chemical called boric acid. Tragically, the poor pup’s injuries were so severe that he is now blind and will likely need both of his eyes surgically removed.

The injustice did not end here, however. Although Gizmo’s caretaker harbored strong suspicions about the perpetrators and although she reported this seeming act of cruelty to authorities, no action was immediately taken. The local police department reportedly initially dismissed her complaint, telling her they did not even investigate animal cruelty cases.

Justice must be done for this innocent dog. Sign the petition below to demand authorities reevaluate their priorities in regards to this serious crime.


Dear Sheriff Gonzalez,

Recently, your department allegedly rebuffed a woman who claimed a vicious acid attack had been perpetrated against her service dog. If this woman’s assertions are true, you told her that the police were not in the business of investigating animal cruelty. 42.092 “Cruelty of Non-Livestock Animals” of the Texas Penal Code would say differently. Under Loco’s Law, the most heinous of crimes could be classified as a felony. A victim injured so severely that his eyes must be removed would seemingly meet the very definition of aggravated cruelty.

This living being deserved to be treated with a true understanding of the gravity of the crimes committed against him, not as a nuisance or an afterthought. You are aware that some of the most sadistic perpetrators of brutality against humans begin their “experimentation” with animals. You must take these crimes seriously. As one of the largest Sherriff’s Offices in the United States, you must set a standard for law enforcement not only locally but across the country.

Expedite an investigation into this troubling case at once.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Denise Duplinski 



  1. The Human race as a whole is out of control. It is rageful and cruel and even though we have a felony law on the books for animal cruelty the “authorities” are doing very little to punish these savagees that torture and kill the most vulnerable. It is a sick reflection the Human heart or lack of . . .

  2. Throw acid in the face of the freak that did this — add gasoline and flame until ashes.

  3. These pieces of sub human shit need to be caught and made to bite the curb with extreme prejudice!

    Then when this human garbage is dead bury their useless carcass at the tip with the rest of societies garbage!

    No mercy for gutless human vermin like this!

  4. Salvatore Salvaggio says:

    Did the neighbors who was a carpet cleaner kids have anything to with this? I know there was suspicions because of the carpet acid in his truck and the kids were laughing at the dog.

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