Thousands of Animals Dead After Being Shipped in Cardboard Boxes Without Food or Water Deserve Justice

Target: Li Xiaopeng, Minister of Transportation, People’s Republic of China

Goal: Improve and enforce animal transportation regulations.

China has some of the most lax animal welfare laws in the world. This insufficiency in animal rights has recently led to the death of thousands of animals that were left to die at transportation depots. Five thousand animals were shipped from a breeding farm in China in cardboard boxes where they were left without food or water for over a week until they starved to death in their cardboard coffins. Only 200 animals were saved and sent to a local animal shelter. Transporting animals in this manner is illegal, yet there is no enforceable penalty for perpetrators.

Sign this petition to urge the Chinese authorities to implement new transportation regulations and make sure they are enforced.


Dear Minister Li Xiaopeng,

Nearly 5,000 animals were left to starve to death at a shipping depot in China. The perpetrators of such a heinous act of animal cruelty will go unpunished as regulations in your country do not adequately protect animals. This is shameful and must not be allowed to continue. In this most recent tragedy, the thousands of animals that died were stuffed in cardboard boxes and left without food or water for a week. This intentional neglect and willful abuse must end.

I urge you to improve your current regulations governing the transportation of animals and ensure stiff penalties are enforced.


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  1. This type of crap is why China will always look like, and be, a third world country. It doesn’t matter if they have a great economy or anything else, they are horribly indifferent and cruel to animals and that makes them look like horrible people period. Get moving on animal welfare and stop this horrific and depraved misuse and killing of animals.

  2. I urge Chinese authorities to demand those who allowed these innocent animals to die be held accountable!! This is just sick and wrong to treat any living animal that has been entrusted to their care to not feed and water these poor animals. They all deserved to be walked and their kennel cleaned!! Shame on those who allowed this horrible thing to have happened.

  3. Shame on US and other countries for transporting live animals ANYWHERE! STOP STOP AND PUT AN END TO EXTREME TORTURE AND MURDER NOW!!!For shame China,I will NEVER visit your land!

  4. Kill these bastards!death penalty for animal abusers !!!

  5. China again and again, money is the only thing that drives them. There is no respect for human life let alone animals. Horrible cruel society, Yulin festival of screams will begin soon. Again and again we will keep trying, cant save the countless innocent souls already tortured and killed.

  6. We definitely need to unite together internationally and exterminate these filth bag slant eye ugly Chinese animal abusing scumbag cretins!

  7. Jaime Perez says:

    This is sickening and reprehensible. The greed of people is so appalling and disgusting. Animal abusers deserve the death penalty.

  8. All animal torturers and animal murderers definately deserve the Death Penalty. And the animal torturing murdering Chinese are high on the list.

  9. chink government all need to be boxed up with all the Animal torturers and left for dead, fucking disgusting excuses for human beings,,,, Everyone on this earth that thinks it’s ok or normal to inflict any Animal with pain, suffering, violence, abuse, rape, neglect, exploitation, torturous death are all EVIL MONSTERS!!! Legalizing & profiting from it all does not make it right. NO EXCUSES,,, only evil psychopaths harm and kill those that are defenseless,, All Animals and vulnerable humans are the Evil Monsters constant victims! Always will be,, till all the shit scum humans are rid off


  11. not surprised,China is a hell hole for animals ..let alone the spreading of diseases in their wet markets!
    disgusting,shameful and down right abusive !!!!
    these people lack respect for sentient beings….i hope karma finds justice on your country .

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