Stop Potential Industrial-Created Sinkholes From Swallowing Up Communities

Target: Miguel Barbosa Huerta, Governor of Puebla, Mexico

Goal: Identify cause of giant sinkhole imperiling farmland and immediately halt any industrial contributing factors.

An unfolding crisis has captured the attention of animal lovers and onlookers in Mexico and worldwide. A massive 400-foot wide and growing sinkhole suddenly appeared in Mexican state Puebla. The yawning chasm, estimated to be 150 feet deep, put the lives of two dogs in danger when the playful animals fell onto a ledge in the sinkhole. For four days, alarmed citizens urged a rescue effort, which happily ended with the retrieval of Spay and Spike by a firefighter. Unfortunately, the ending may not prove so upbeat for a family whose newly bought home teeters precariously on the edge of the sinkhole. With the outcome of this emergency still so uncertain, community residents rightfully want answers.

The exact cause of the sinkhole’s alarming emergence is unknown. Some local authorities insist an underground river contributed to the problem. Many long-time residents have their doubts, though. They contend that several nearby factories make a habit of excessively extracting groundwater, destabilizing the land. If industrial exploitation has once again caused an imminent environmental hazard, the governor of this state has vowed that he will cancel permits granted to those offending companies.

Sign the petition below to hold this leader to his promise of prioritizing environmental wellness and public safety over corner-cutting greed.


Dear Governor Huerta,

“It hurts, because this is all that we have.” These heart-wrenching words came from Magdalena Xalamigua Xopillacle. This Puebla resident invested her family’s life savings in a new home and a hopeful future. Now. the sinkhole that has captured the country’s attention endangers this dream. Two recently rescued dogs also embody the fear and peril facing the farmland, as town citizens still cannot approach within 2,000 feet of the danger.

You recently said that this site is not “a tourist attraction,” and you are right. It is a national tragedy. If the proximal water bottling company or any other industry contributed to this crisis, they must be held accountable. Please stay vigilant in fully investigating the catastrophe and honor your vow to take strong action against potential bad actors.

Keep this beautiful land and its inhabitants safe and free from exploitation.


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