Stop Shielding the Mega-Rich From Paying Taxes

Target: Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senate Minority Leader

Goal: Stop shielding the mega-rich from paying their fair share of taxes.

Recent disclosures about the amount—or in many cases the complete absence—of taxes the wealthiest Americans pay has increased calls for a more equitable taxation policy in the United States. Ensuring that top earners pay their fair share could be a tremendous asset in funding many of the ambitious proposals that could better the lives of every American. According to recent surveys, one such proposal even has the support of nearly half of citizens in the millionaire-plus club: a hike in the capital gains tax.

At its basic core, this tax targets profit made when an individual sells an asset for more than they paid for it. Some assets such as homes are mostly exempt, and the tax often applies to the large investments made by the wealthy. A proposed increase would double the rate of this tax for individuals making millions and also take more from monies received by rich heirs from inheritances. The funds could generate a large revenue stream that may then be invested in public works projects like infrastructure and education.

Sign the petition below to support this effort at balancing the scales in the deeply flawed U.S. tax system.


Dear Senator McConnell,

Many Americans have always suspected the most privileged do not pay even close to what they should on taxes. A recent bombshell report just confirmed that some of the nation’s—and the world’s—richest people make a routine game of paying no federal income taxes. Senator, why do you and your colleagues insist on perpetually providing cover to these individuals? You have drawn red lines all over the place on tax increases, even when these proposals are targeted at those taxpayers who flout the system.

The capital gains tax is at least one area where most people agree a change is needed. An increase in this tax could go a long way towards making the tax system more fair.


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  1. Teresa Mecomber Russi says:

    This applies to Mitch and his cronies too.

  2. Good luck with that vile pos CONservative.

  3. The rich, their corporations, industries, and most of their forms of business use our infrastructure. It’s not just about road and bridge repairs but also the internet, updating the water supply. Without water there is no life. What about the grids? Our electric grids? There is so much to be done and the wealthiest of the wealthy could pay this small tax as they should. Most of the ultra wealthy pay less or nothing in taxes whereas the average American must pay their entire tax bill each year. If you invite me to your BBQ and I drive then I am responsible for the gas, any tolls, as well as keeping up the roads which get me there. The rich don’t pay at all. Americans are tired of the rich and the games they play at our expense.

  4. Rose Coffey says:

    This should never have been allowed to begin with – whoever in our founding fathers thought wealthy shouldn’t have to pay should have been kicked out of the country. And it’s continued for all these years. How stupid. No common sense or decency when it comes to the rich. I’ve been disgusted with this “let the poor pay” for years. Like none of them want to see the minimum wage raised. I would like to see just one of them work at a McDonald’s restaurant for a month and pay average bills when they received their paychecks. None could or would do it!

  5. Christine Needham says:

    Mitch McConnell and all the Republicans are thoroughly corrupt and morally bankrupt. But their pockets are full even as we starve!

    • Pam Woodard says:

      Funny, since many of the mega wealthy people using tax loopholes are Democrats/liberals. Let’s not try to pretend it’s just Republicans.

  6. shawna Flottemesch says:

    make pay only or kill.them all. Skin mitch McConnell alive


  8. Yes. The rich should have to pay their taxes like everyone else. I don’t care if they are Republican or Democrat or any other party. If they pay their fair share of taxes, the country would have more money to spend on infrastructure of any kind.

    • Amen to that! RepubliCON’s are all about money and power period. Why do the poor, middle class people continue to vote these morons back into office? They’re hurting anyone that’s NOT rich. Brain dead.

  9. Shirley Lemieux says:

    It goes to show the American public what we have known right along. Steal from the poor to exempt the rich.

  10. Maria Bertrand says:

    Ya give more to the rich!!!!!!!!!!!!! So backward!

  11. I’m just signing on principle. McConnell does not waste time on caring about people or things, ESPECIALLY the less fortunate. He wants to WIN. That’s it. I don’t even think he cares overly about $. There needs to be a political advantage for him to make this happen. So far, there isn’t. He won’t even waste his lowest assistant’s time on this. He will lie, posture, pander and rationalize anything and everything to get what he wants. Idk the solution here, but I do see the question: how does this become a challenge that he needs to WIN?

  12. Linda Cummings says:

    I am not suppose to hate but I hate hate this soulless sleezy filthy rich little creep face maggot. Sorry maggots, I have nothing against you.

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