Stop Torturing Monkeys in Laboratory Experiments

Target: Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Goal: Don’t let Texas become a breeding ground for seemingly suffering lab animals.

As the Covid pandemic rages, China has stopped exporting laboratory monkeys to the United States. Instead of using this as an opportunity to stop animal cruelty in the name of science, the research company Envigo is trying to open a monkey breeding facility in Texas. This disgusting animal factory would breed 30,000 monkeys each year, who would live their lives in metal cages and endure unending torture until they succumb to the final needle.

Regardless of the scientific goal, people should not be exploiting another species for their own cruel purposes. Sign this petition to stop this breeding facility immediately, and end animal torture in medical labs.


Dear Governor Abbott,

You were recently voted the “best governor in the nation” and I am sure you do not hold that accomplishment lightly. Regardless, your state is about to become a breeding ground for mutilation, torture, and death. Envigo is planning on opening a facility to breed up to 30,000 monkeys a year to be used in scientific research.

I urge you not to let this happen. Animals should not be used for laboratory testing, and it is shameful that such a massive operation based on animal cruelty and exploitation is even being considered in the United States.

Do not let Texas become known as the state that encourages animal abuse. Please put an end to this breeding facility immediately.


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Photo Credit: Hans Braxmeier



  1. Joyce McDonnell says:

    Dear Governor:
    Ask your children, grandchildren or a classroom of 4th graders what THEY think you should do… ask yourself what legacy you want to leave behind.

  2. Linda Cummings says:

    For God’s sake, we are not suppose to be a nation of barbarians. We are suppose to have crawled out of the dark ages. These are fellow living, breathing, feeling creatures we ARE SUPPOSE TO SHARE THIS PLANET WITH!

  3. Abbott will allow this stupidity to take shape the same as he thinks it such a GREAT idea that we have open carry and no permit needed gun laws. Sorry to say, but I think this man’s brains have gone down into his legs where there are no feelings. I know that is a terrible thing to say and think, but.

  4. Jenna Miles says:

    That’s a bonobo, not a monkey.

  5. Instigation of the death penalty is most definitely an essential requirement to be enforced on each and every scumbag re laboratory experimentation who is involved in this vile animal abuse!

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