Don’t Slaughter Deer Living in City Parks

Target: Sylvie Parent, Mayor of Longueuil, Quebec

Goal: Do not euthanize deer that are populating a city park.

About 32 deer are living a peaceful existence in an urban park in Longueuil, Quebec. However, city officials say this is too many and plan on killing nearly half of them. 15 deer are slated to be euthanized despite public outcries to save the animals.

In a pathetic effort to justify their actions, the city mayor says the meat from these massacred animals will be given to food banks. The authorities also claim the deer threaten the local ecology and increase risks of Lyme disease, traffic collisions, and property damage.

Sign this position to urge the municipal authorities to relocate the deer from the city park, or find another alternative measure to the irresponsible slaughter of innocent animals.


Dear Mayor Parent,

I am disgusted that you are planning on euthanizing the deer that live in Michel-Chartrand Park. I understand that the whitetail deer might be causing damage to the park’s ecology and private property, but killing them is a woefully irresponsible course of action.

These animals should be relocated to a more suitable spot, which is a solution your government failed to properly investigate. If relocation is unfeasible then there are numerous other control methods to be undertaken such as sterilization.

It is a shameful abuse of power to think mass slaughter is the answer to wildlife in your city. I urge you to find an alternate course of action.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: AndrewDressel


  1. Back off and leave the dear alone or you scumbags shall pay BIGTIME!!!!

  2. Joyce McDonnell says:

    Sylvie Parent:
    Ask a classroom of 4th graders, your children or grandchildren what you should do… ask yourself what legacy you want to leave behind.

  3. Paula Morgan says:

    It is easier and cheaper for you to kill rather than regime? That’s usually the excuse. Yet if it were your kids, or animals, you would hope someone would extend the effort to have the innocent deer removed from the area and placed where they can continue their lives. Why are they in the park? Humans, ourselves;f included, have stolen their habitats. You have put houses and arks where their homes used to be. Id there no compassion? Have you any? Please make a better and wiser decision. Why? It matters!!!

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