Don’t Let Mining Operations Poison Waterways

Target: John Horgan, Premier of British Columbia

Goal: Protect waterways from being contaminated by mining operations.

A recent audit has found that mining operations in British Columbia, Canada are potential threats to many local waterways. These mines are not properly inspected and do not comply with appropriate safety measures. As a result, numerous waterways and riparian and aquatic ecosystems are at risk of catastrophic contamination. This has lawmakers and environmentalists in the United States concerned.

In recent history, several spills from BC mining tailing ponds have polluted rivers, destroyed salmon habitats, and caused millions of dollars in damage on both sides of the border.

Sign this petition to urge the BC government to increase and improve its mining regulations.


Dear Premier Horgan,

I understand that your government is considering making changes to mining regulations in the province, and I encourage you to take drastic measures to protect waterways and riparian ecosystems. In recent years, BC mines have caused incalculable damage to the environment, and several major spills are still being cleaned up years later.

Environmental groups on both sides of the border are urging you to improve your insufficient regulations and ensure all mines, including abandoned ones, are properly inspected.

I ask you to protect our delicate waterways and the invaluable aquatic ecosystems near BC mining operations.


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Photo Credit: Robert Ciavarro


  1. Paula Morgan says:

    I would like to remind you that of all the water on earth, less than 1% is drinkable. Climate change is here. No longer are there the times where decisions made in our own country have nothing to do with other countries. Today what is done in Canada makes its way to the US and on to Mexico. Allowing industry to poison water was will eventually poison all water ways. Stop this now. You have no right to do this anymore than any other country has the right to poison your waters. Please choose again and stop this death trap.


  2. How many catastrophes need to occur before companies see what their effluents do to waterways? This has happened so many times in the past that it is commonplace. This should not happen anymore! We are knowledgeable about water pollution issues. The companies involved need to clean up their toxic messes and never let them happen again!

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