Save Majestic Spotted Owls From Extinction

Target: Jonathan Wilkinson, Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Goal: Extend protections for old growth forests that benefit spotted owls.

Beautiful birds that once flourished in Canada’s wild have been reduced to three. The spotted owl, which inhabits Canada and parts of the United States, is in such dire straits that the species has become the focus of a Canadian captive breeding program. Even with this step, only one known breeding pair currently resides in any forest of Canada.

Populations have been decimated by an onslaught of logging. Much of this activity has wiped away the precious old growth forests the owls called home for centuries. Native tribes revere these animals, calling them “messengers” that represent the overall wellness of nature. If the plight of the spotted owl is any indication, Mother Nature herself is in grave danger. A temporary halt has been placed on logging of old-grown habitats these birds depend upon for survival. The owls’ population cannot possibly recover in such a short time, however, so this ban should remain in place indefinitely.

Sign the petition below to advocate for the longevity of old-growth forests and the renaissance of one of their most storied inhabitants.


Dear Mr. Wilkinson,

Canada has pledged to protect at least a quarter of its splendid natural habitats. The old-growth forests that have dotted the Canadian landscape for thousands of years should be a top priority in this goal. These forests not only speak to the nation’s rich botanical legacy; they also house the majestic spotted owl: a species currently at urgent risk in the wild.

The breeding programs instituted can help build this population, but renewed numbers cannot be sustained in the absence of habitat. The vanishing of old growth forests perpetuated this crisis. The government has announced a one-year ban on logging of these forests, but the commitment must be greater.

Please consider a permanent, or at least indefinite, end to the destructive plundering of Canada’s true most precious natural resources.


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Photo Credit: Frank D. Lospalluto


  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Extinct is FOREVER.

  2. Jonathan Wilkinson, Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change

    Extend protections for old growth forests that benefit spotted owls.

  3. Charleen Murphy says:

    That’s so sad!! So wrong!! So Beautiful & precious these owls!!

  4. Charleen Murphy says:

    Help save the rest of these owls!!

  5. Shame on vile, animal abusing Canada!

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