Stop Exterminating Wild Boars for Human Convenience

Target: Megan Evans, Alberta Invasive Species Council, Executive Director

Goal: Stop the unethical eradication of wild boars in Alberta.

Across North America, wild boars are considered a “pest” and intense efforts have been made to eradicate the species. Wild boars were introduced into Alberta in the 1980s in efforts to diversify agriculture and generate additional income. The agriculture industry’s greed and ignorance have caught up with them, and now wild boars are loose in the province. Claiming reasons of land destruction and loss of farm revenue, the Alberta Invasive Species Council is looking at large-scale annihilation of the species.

Wild boars should not be wantonly massacred because of humankind’s stupidity. Even though they are not native and should not have been introduced in the first place, that does not give people the right to systematically hunt down and slaughter an entire species. Other methods of control must be implemented, such as sterilization or catch-and-release. While these efforts may cost more, that is the price the province has to pay for its lack of foresight and poor judgment.

Sign this petition to stop the wholescale eradication of wild boars in Alberta.


Dear Mrs. Evans,

Just because wild boars are not native, this does not give your organization the right to systematically seek and destroy them. Any damage they cause or revenue loss they inflict is the result of poor judgement and greed of the agriculture industry. These animals should not pay the ultimate price for humankind’s stupidity, and they should be allowed to live out their lives in peace.

To mitigate their damage both now and in the future, other methods of control should be implemented, such as relocation or sterilization. These methods may cost more than slaughtering the feral animals, but this is the ethical path to choose to correct people’s mistake.

I urge you to stop the eradication of the wild boars in Alberta and choose a better, more ethical, path.


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  1. jackie Pflucker says:

    Doesn’t people in Canada have anyhing better to do than murder inncent animals! Why they don’t take their low instincts on someone their own size!

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      Well take a look at the USA especially texas and how they treat animals…every country is pathetic.

    • It would be nice if the people answering these polls would do just the tiniest bit of research. These are a problem in several states in the U.S. now and they are not little fluffy piggies…they are capable of killing people and animals and will do so. These are NOT imported hogs…they are serious predators and dangerous.

  2. sylvia vegas says:

    Wild boars were imported to Alberta as ‘penned game’ for shooting.
    It’s incredible how ‘sick and cruel’ men could be.

  3. Canada again! Stupid once, twice, thrice -stop trying to outdo your southern neighbor. Time to get out your checkbook and pay, humanely, for your big “ooops”. You caused the problem, now you solve it by neutering the animals.

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      Well the USA isn’t very animal friendly is it or any other country in this world. Do some research.

  4. The only good hunter is a dead one. Hunt the hunters and turn these evil ,mentally deranged cretins into garden fertilizer!!


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