Thousands of Dead Sharks Sold by Greedy Company Deserve Justice

Target: Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada

Goal: Shut down businesses that willfully kill endangered species for profit.

The Kiu Yick Trading Company, based in Victoria, Canada, has been found guilty of importing shark fins from endangered species. As a penalty for importing 434 kilograms of illegal shark products, this company has been fined a measly $60,000. This fine is a pathetic amount for a company that generates over $2 million in annual sales, and which contributed to the extermination of threatened species.

Most of the fins came from silky sharks, which is considered to be near-threatened. This shark has a long gestation and gives birth to only a few young that are slow to mature, making it particularly susceptible to illegal hunting.

Such businesses should not be allowed to continue to operate. Sign this petition to urge the government to take stricter actions against such willful disregard for the natural world, and shut down these reproachable companies.


Dear Honourable Wilkinson,

Despite national and international bans, companies are still bringing illegal animal products into Canada. Recently, the Kiu Yick Trading Company from British Columbia was found guilty of importing shark fins from “near threatened” species of sharks. In response, your government has fined this company only $60,000. This is a pathetic penalty for a company that draws over $2 million dollars of revenue every year.

I urge you to consider the devastating environmental impact that illegal acts of this nature have upon the whole world. Companies that willfully commit such criminal acts should be severely penalized.


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Photo Credit: Nicholas Wang


  1. Humanity stinks! The worst on earth.

  2. Humans the worst on planet earth!!

  3. Worthless POS’S This is so EVIL!!!!

  4. The judge should be ashamed of himself .. Probably being bought off .. I hope these little d#ck loser sociopaths get the karma they deserve !!!

  5. Shirley Lemieux says:

    I must say that a $60000 fine was pathetic on the part of Canada. A fine so small for a company pulling in millions a year is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. In what way was this fine meant to deter Kiu Yick Trading Company from continuing to commit illegal activity?

  6. Ruth Rogers says:

    Signed @ 10279.

  7. Milantia Roy says:

    Well, it’s Canada again! and no one stops them!

  8. Anthony Greely says:

    As a Canadian, I am outraged. But, guess what? The culprit is Chinese! Surprise, surprise! Yeah, the same hellhole country that takes pride in their live markets and commits unspeakable cruelty against animals.

  9. Charleen Murphy says:

    So cruel, barbaric! Disgusting!! Some stupid humans!!! Cut their arms off & throw them in the ocean

  10. Canada has not taken a stand on their own laws. How pathetic and weak. Just another gift for “friends” this joke must have in the company!

  11. What can you expect from a chinese company! They don’t give a dam about
    any living creature –they would probably kill their grandparents if someone wanted to make human skin lamp shades. The country’s theme is brutality. Canada needs to divorce themselves from any further dealings.

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