Justice for Goats Beheaded and Brutalized in Potential Ritualistic Killing

Target: Greg Allen, Chief of El Paso Police Department

Goal: Fully pursue investigation into slaughter of 15 goats killed as part of possible animal sacrifice ritual.

An El Paso roadside became the scene of a grotesque and despicable act of animal cruelty. According to authorities, 15 dead goats were discovered near an intersection. Even more horrific, the bodies were maimed with cuts and also headless.

A police captain said the isolated road was a common site for dumping, but the presence of so many dead animals is a new and disturbing occurrence. The official went on to speculate that some sacrificial ritual may have been behind the grisly scene. As these goats were domesticated, the butchers who took their lives likely had their trust before slaughtering them.

Sign the petition below to demand that police remain vigilant in discovering the guilty party.


Dear Chief Allen,

The heinous act that occurred in El Paso involving multiple decapitated and mutilated goats demonstrates a stunning and callous disregard for the dignity and welfare of living beings. The individual or people responsible for these numerous acts of animal cruelty need to be held accountable before more innocent lives are taken. Such a deplorable incident could too easily escalate into even worse acts of brutality.

Please do not let this case fade from view. Utilize full investigative resources and better secure an area the department itself acknowledges as a “dumping ground” for the worst offenses.


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Photo Credit: Villager Boy



  1. Milantia Roy says:

    Dear Chief Allen,
    Those must be ‘foreigners’ – once they are found, what about sending to where they cane from!
    They should not be enjoying freedom and all the opportunities that the USA brings to immigrants. Please incarcerate them and then send them back to where they came from!

    • Why foreigners? Crap like this, and worse, happens every day all over this country by people from all backgrounds. This isn’t about foreigners it’s about killing animals for entertainment or likely no reason at all except to be a POS loser. Find them and punish them severely and advertise who they are so everyone can shun them and keep their animals away from them.

      • Gloria Navan says:

        The authorities must take thos seriously before it gets out of control. We cannot tolerate this in our country.

  2. Murdering animals under the guise of religion needs to be outlawed because animals have rights as well. Their religious rights end where the animals’ rights begin. Although in this case it is illegal and they should all face the death penalty.

  3. Why were these vile ignorant wog cretins brought into the USA? Instigation of the death penalty must be performed globally on all animal abusers. Prison is not appropriate.

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