Kittens Allegedly Beaten to Death by Owner Deserve Justice

Target: Fort Bend County, Texas District Attorney Brian Middleton

Goal: Give man prison sentence for allegedly beating kittens to death and require him to attend regular counseling sessions.

Four kittens, named Broccoli, Cabbage, Parsnip and Carrot, were allegedly beaten to death with various objects by their owner. Graham William Reid reportedly admitted to committing the crime and claimed that he did it to feel powerful during stressful times because he was bullied as a child. He needs to be given time in prison and be required to see a therapist on a consistent basis if he is found guilty to hopefully ensure that other tragic incidences will not take place.

According to authorities, multiple objects were used to kill the kittens, including a scratching post, a metal bar, and a litter box scoop. The kittens were said to be between 8 weeks and 1-year-old. Reid is a former teacher for the Fort Bend Independent School District (ISD), and counseling is now being provided for his past students. Sign this petition to demand Reid receive a harsh legal sentence and be required to go to counseling if it is discovered he committed these unthinkable acts of animal cruelty.


Dear District Attorney Middleton,

Graham William Reid has recently been charged with four counts of animal cruelty for allegedly beating his four kittens, Parsnip, Carrot, Broccoli and Cabbage, to death. According to reports, he committed the violent acts to feel mighty since he was teased and beaten up as a child. It is important Reid spend time in prison and be required to seek help from a certified counselor if this is found to be the case in an effort to stop a similar occurrence from happening again.

Police stated that the kittens were beaten with different objects, some of which include a metal bar, a litter box scoop, and a cat scratching post. It was reported that the youngest kitten was 8 weeks old and that the oldest kitten was no more than a year old. Because Reid formerly taught school, counseling is being provided for anyone who took his classes. For these reasons, we demand you seek a strict legal penalty for Reid and that you also tell the courts that he needs to attend ongoing counseling sessions until it is thought he will not behave this way in the future, if he is found guilty of this horrific animal abuse.


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Photo Credit: Paul Schadler



  1. Milantia Roy says:

    What a despicable bastard piece of scuk – I wish he ended up in a nut house for the rest of his miserable existence!

  2. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    10 years for each of the cats he slaughtered!

  3. patricia schwartzman says:

    So in other words he’d be excused and won’t pay for his crime?
    I can’t believe you are recommending ONLY that ‘he needs to attend ongoing counseling sessions’ … instead of jailing him, that was premeditated … he is just a sadistic good for nothing son of a b….!

    • jackie Pflucker says:

      And what will he do next? What other crime he will be planning? What will this time be his excuse?
      He should be sent to a mental institution, no excuses!

  4. What a convenient excuse for torturing a helpless animal, ‘I was bullied’. I’m betting he was actually a bully and this is a lie to try and get away with this heinous crime. He’s a sicko and needs to be in jail. Texas is really lax on this crap, I guess if it isn’t cattle then it’s open game and no repercussions for whatever you do? Disgusting.

  5. He deserves a public stoning then doused with gasoline and set on fire!!! Then he can continue to burn in hell!!!

  6. Go look at this piece of shit’s photo online. Photo speaks for itself. Scum like this can’t be treated. He should be killed!!

  7. Gloria Navan says:

    This guy deserves a maximum punishment in prison. I hope he encounters prisoners who think he committed a horrible crime.

  8. Execute him. This is a fair sentence.

  9. What a fking coward! What a POS! He is a vicious murderer! If it was up me he would be in prison for life and get the shit beat out of him every day!

    • Charleen Murphy says:

      Yes that’s what it is!! An evil disgusting vile putrid thing!! Monstrous thing!! Worth zero!!! Wish I could of turned up when he went to do it & could of saved the precious beautiful babies!!

  10. Hi. Thank you for your comment. I did also recommend that this individual get a “prison sentence”, as stated in the goal (up top) in this petition. Unfortunately, people in most states are usually not that harshly punished for committing these types of crimes. It is my hopes that this will change. In relation to recommending counseling, I am required to recommend this in my petitions in certain cases. The reason for this is likely so that by receiving appropriate counseling, the individual will hopefully be less likely to commit such a heinous and despicable act in the future. I do agree with many of the comments that my signers are kind enough to write. However, as a writer, I am expected to present my argument in a professional manner. If I didn’t do this, I would be told that I could no longer write these petitions. I want to help as many animals as possible, so being told I could no longer do this work would not be helpful to any of the abused animals I strive to fight for. Again, it is stated in the goal that he should receive a “prison sentence” and re-said in other ways throughout the petition i.e. “harsh legal sentence.” Anyway, thank you again for your comment and your support. It is because of people like you that many animals get the help they need and many vicious abusers and killers are put behind bars.

  11. Cindy Miller says:

    next time he’s stressed or bullied, what or who will he kill?? Counseling is not enough a punishment must be in there to let him know we will not tolerate this behavior.

  12. Linda Cummings says:

    You sick sorry son of a bitch. I was horribly abused during my entire childhood. And you know what I did to relieve stress? I got therapy and started rescuing abused and abandoned animals. Are you such a complete dumb ass that other options never occurred to you? Being a sick asshole bastard is a choice!

  13. All animal abusers globally must be put to death. A slow and agonizing extermination is essential.

  14. Prison is not appropriate for this evil cretin. Instigation of the death sentence is essential. A slow and agonizing death is essential.

  15. Honteux à mettre en prison ce TORTIONNAIRE !!

  16. Seriously another story about how this asshole had problems in his youth and during stressful situations he must now kill off animals. WTF is wrong with people and for anyone that believes his line of utter bullshit they are as much to blame. He is an animal abuser and killer – wouldn’t want children near him either and oh of course better yet he is a god damn “teacher” – Jesus H Christ people wake up and read this pathetic story. He doesn’t deserve another day on this planet – he deserves the same treatment as these poor kittens received at his hands.

  17. Giuliana Bettinzoli says:

    Spero che muoia. Gli auguro le pene dell’inferno. Maledetto!

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