Senior Toy Poodle Apparently Choked to Death by Groomers Deserves Justice

Target: Allegheny County, PA District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala

Goal: Give most stringent punishment possible to groomers who allegedly killed 12-year-old toy poodle.

A 12-year-old toy poodle, named Kobe, died after he was allegedly mishandled by groomers at PetSmart during a nail trim. Groomers Elizabeth Doty and Julie Miller, along with managers Heather Rowe and Shapan Stonge, were brought up on animal cruelty charges for the incident. They should be given the harshest penalty allowed by law if they are found guilty, so that such a tragedy will be less likely to happen again.

Kobe’s owner, AJ Ross, stated that she walked inside to see employees standing around doing nothing as her dog lay there motionless. Surveillance camera appears to further show Kobe struggling while being held inside a harness. Footage appears to also show that Kobe was in a great amount of distress while being forcibly held down by groomers. Unfortunately, Kobe was later pronounced dead by a veterinarian, who stated that his airway had been crushed after his neck was pulled in two different directions while he was held in place by tethers. The doctor additionally said Kobe died because while this was happening, his paws were not able to touch the grooming table below, causing a dangerous struggle.

PetSmart did their own investigation and fired all employees reportedly involved after it was determined that proper safety procedures were not followed during the nail trim. Sign this petition to demand that the people charged with this crime be given the strictest sentence possible if it is determined that this innocent animal died due to mistreatment.


Dear District Attorney Zappala,

A senior toy poodle, named Kobe, recently died after he was allegedly mistreated by PetSmart groomers while he was getting his nails trimmed. It is important that everyone allegedly involved be given the strictest punishment possible so that other beloved pets will be less likely to endure the same fate.

Surveillance camera footage appears to show Kobe trying to break out of the harness that is being used to hold him in place. The video also appears to show groomers brutally holding Kobe down as he struggles to break free. According to a veterinarian, Kobe’s airway was crushed because his neck was pulled back and forth and also because his paws were not able to reach the table while he was striving to get out of the harness. PetSmart fired the groomers and store managers after it was decided that optimal safety precautions were not followed. The former employees were charged with animal cruelty shortly afterwards. For these reasons, we demand you seek the toughest punishment allowed for all parties if they are found guilty of this unfounded animal abuse.


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  1. Torah Wolf says:

    Unbelievable, that people especially, at a place where it is meant for animals and they are supposed to be taking care of your animal while you are away… that’s no different than leaving your child at daycare and finding that they killed your child because your child was crying or peed their pants these people should go to jail for a very long time never be allowed to work in this industry again and never ever be allowed to ever own an animal again and in my opinion, they should have their name put on a list like a pedophile so people can see when they go to look for people who are animal abusers that their names are on that list that’s how the law should be.

    God does not approve of anyone hurting, abusing, neglecting, or killing his creations and in the Bible killing an animal other than for food which is supposed to be done humanely in which we never do…. is the same as killing a man yes I think people don’t know that.

    Isaiah 66:3 KJV

    “He who slaughters an ox is like one who kills a man; he who sacrifices a lamb, like one who breaks a dog’s neck; he who presents a grain offering, like one who offers pig’s blood; he who makes a memorial offering of frankincense, like one who blesses an idol. These have chosen their own ways, and their soul delights in their abominations

    Proverbs 12:10 KJV

    Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.

    Esras 2 V61  Good Speed Apocrypha

    And I will not grieve over the multitude of those who perish; for it is they who are now like a mist, and are similar to a flame and smoke — they are set on fire and burn hotly, and are extinguished.” Therefore there shall not be grief at their destruction, so much as joy over those to whom salvation is assured.” 

    That’s why God is not blessing our country because of the evil that is unleashed here we are no better than Babylon may the good survive the evil that surrounds them here and God bless them and the animals.

  2. Sherry Akridge Sherry Akridge says:

    My heart goes out to Kobe and his family. My baby was also mistreated at a PetSmart in Warner Robins, Ga. We only take our babies there for nail trims and NEVER leave them, and NEVER take our eyes off of them. My husband witnessed the groomer holding the clippers up to our WIllow’s face over and over again. Tormenting her with the clippers. My husband ran inside demanding that she stop. She flew into a rage, accusing our Willow of trying to bite her, which my husband knew was a lie because he was standing there watching her. Willow has never bit anyone, there or any where else. We took it to store management immediately and then to corporate. They said they would look at the video footage, and get back with us. It took about a week or more, they said they handled the matter, but would not give details about what was done to the groomer.
    I hope that Kobe’s family gets justice for their baby.💔 PetSmart needs to be held accountable for killing this baby.

  3. These vile scumbag dog murderers most definitely must have the death penalty performed on themselves and nothing less! A slow and agonizing death for these mentally deranged scumbags is essential!!

    • Gabriela Torres says:

      I wish this could be possible and that ‘scumbag’ be sent to prison for at least 10 years!

  4. Gloria Navan says:

    This is horrible. The groomer was absolutely at fault and should have not tried to force the poor dog. We too have problems leaving our pets for any thing where we cannot be present. Absolutely trust our vet but any others worry us.

  5. albert calderon says:

    Had it been my dog, that son of a bitch would be dead by now.

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