Don’t Blame Lovable Beavers for Destruction of Towns

Target: The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Canada

Goal: Protect beavers from unjust accusations and potential culls.

Once threatened by extinction, beavers made a comeback in Canada and are present in the millions. Now, their natural behavior leads to conflicts between them and humans. Beavers take posts out of lumber yards to build their dams and chew through cables resulting in whole cities losing power.

A town in Quebec calls for its entire beaver population of nearly 800 to be exterminated because the damage the animals cause is supposedly extremely costly. Beavers have the right to live, and the call for a cull is a mistake. Sign this petition to ensure beavers’ safety in Canada.


Dear Honourable Mr. Wilkinson,

Beavers are a symbol of Canada and are, as most other species, vital for the ecosystem. In some Canadian regions, the human population is upset with the destruction beavers cause and therefore calls for their death sentence.

Glynnis Hood, a professor of environmental science at the University of Alberta says “[…] beavers are just being beavers.” Threatening a species with death for following its instincts is cruel and wrong. As the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, you must guarantee the safeguard of the precious beavers in Canada.


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Photo Credit: Greg Schechter


  1. Linda Cummings says:

    These animals are doing WHAT THEY ARE MEANT TO DO! It is an explosion of human population that is pushing thousands of species into extinct and the planet into a toxic shit hole waste dump. If we cannot seem to control our own greed and gluttony for researches, we have no right to exterminate other viable creatures just because they want to carve out a tiny piece of land for a home.

  2. Back off and leave the bears alone! If anyone needs extermination it is the human scumbags!

  3. ENSURE your lumber and cables are insulated & protected from the elements and BEAVERS — do NOT blame nor KILL our BEAVERS — they’re wild & independent — we NEED our sweet Beavers who do SO much GOOD for our environment — DO NOT KILL our Beavers — let them live.

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