Stop Paying Horse “Rescuers” to Send Animals to Slaughter

Target: Deb Haaland, Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior

Goal: Suspend wild horse adoption program that sends thousands of horses to eventual slaughter.

Since 2019, the American government has subsidized the slaughter of thousands of federally protected wild horses. Worse yet, these slaughters have been marketed as a humane initiative meant to benefit the horses.  The Bureau of Land Management’s Adoption Incentive Program could be the nation’s biggest horse laundering and illegal culling program instead.

This program is meant to reduce the number of wild mustangs and burros in government hands by paying individuals $1,000 to “adopt” the horses. While the bureau claims these horses are going to ranches and other areas where their care will be ensured, a disturbing investigation has revealed the true destination of many of these adoptees: auctions and, eventually, slaughterhouses. The investigation, conducted by the American Wild Horse Campaign, found that numerous horses were put up for auction almost as soon as they were purchased. The adopters seemingly got a payoff from the government and then made even more profit by selling their new horses to slaughterhouse buyers. Horses that reached auction after delays were said to be in deplorable condition.

The government reportedly knows of these horses’ tragic fate but looks the other way just to get the animals off their hands. Adopters are supposed to sign an agreement promising not to sell the animals, yet these agreements are never enforced. Previous payouts (up to four a year) have gone to individuals accused of crimes involving animals. A government official reportedly told a program participant that once the papers were signed, “you can do whatever you want with them.”

This outrageous government-induced, sanctioned slaughter cannot stand. Sign the petition below to urge new leadership to end this murderous fraud against wild horses.


Dear Secretary Haaland,

Countless federally protected wild horses bearing the government’s seal reportedly wind up at slaughterhouse auctions. Many of these animals show visible signs of severe neglect and abuse. The leaders who were supposed to ensure their safety instead literally sold them out into unimaginable brutality and the most inhumane of deaths.

The American Wild Horse Campaign has shone a blinding spotlight on the inadequacies and gross, deadly misuse of the Bureau of Land Management Adoption Incentive Program. Clearly, the aims of this initiative meant to give “good homes” to burros and mustangs have gone incredibly wrong. Please head the campaign’s entreaty to suspend this dangerous program pending a full investigation into the allegations and urgently needed reform.

This agency is tasked with safeguarding and protecting the nation’s natural treasures, not subsidizing their annihilation. Prioritize animal conservation over wholesale slaughter immediately.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Anastasia Shuraeva


  1. lynn travers says:

    how awful human beings can send them t there fate for money some people have no feelings perhsps they should b treated like that an sent t slaughter wicked a magnificent animal with feelings


  3. Sharon Eccles says:

    This is horrific & totally unacceptable!

  4. Please stop the inhumane slaughter of these thinking and feeling animals.


  6. Brenda Burke says:

    Every time I hear about the BLM I hate them a little more. These are the animals that helped you make the USA what it is today. Not their fault you abandoned them when you were done with them. Leave them alone. Nature will sort it out. Remember nature is not cruel or kind. It simply is.

  7. Frances Smith says:

    The BLM is nothing but a top that ranchers can easily use to line their pockets. It angers me to think that, as a taxpayer, I am subsidizing a program that really is nothing than a scam which brutalizes horses. Stop this now!!! The American people, with the exception of the predatory ranchers getting richer on this so-called horse adoption program, do not want this.

  8. Michelle Stewart says:

    Anyone that is caught adopting horses and then selling them for slaughter, must be charged with animal cruelty felonies. Each person will automatically get sentenced to 7 years in prison with no early parole, each person must pay a $500,000 fine, each person will have all animals seized from them (including dogs,cats, horses, and all other animals), and each person will be banned for life from owning, working with, or going near any animals ever again

  9. BASTARDS!!! I hope they burn in hell!. HORRIFIC!!’STOP KILLING DEFENSELESS ANIMALS. I wish them the worst.

  10. Rose Coffey says:

    This program needs to be either used like it’s supposed to be or discontinued. I would not want to be one who participates in destroying these innocent animals. People
    who knowingly participate in this should be imprisoned just as the Gov’t officials who put things like this into effect and then don’t keep up with enforcing them as they should be ought to be kicked out of office.

  11. Raymond Stevens says:

    Some scum humans have no morals and will do anything for a buck.

  12. Uneducated and greedy no thought for our animal friends

  13. Truly disgusting…can’t even trust rescues

  14. The horrific cruelty and murder MUST STOP — How I LOATHE the BLM — the BLM should be ashamed of allowing the torturous brutality inflicted on Wild Horses from the get-go — How I LOATHE the “Kill-Buyers” — when will the sadistic harassment of Wild HORSES STOP — Let’s fight until Wild Horses remain on public lands — Let’s fight until those Horses who do NOT remain, instead will land in loving & caring situations — Let’s fight until KILL-BUYERS are obliterated off the face of the Earth and come nowhere NEAR our Horses — Let’s keep at it and ENSURE that Horse slaughter does NOT return to the U.S. NOR are Horses to be sold for slaughter ELSEWHERE — we MUST PROTECT our Wild Horses & Burros.

  15. Elizabeth Rutledge says:

    This HURTS! I AM LITERALLY BEGGING YOU TO USE YOUR POWER TO SAVE THESE INNOCENT HORSES‼️ Have you seen a video of how the horses are tortured while being killed? They are not even humanely killed. Evil people consider torturing these horses to be entertainment. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DO WHAT I CANNOT, YOU CAN SAVE THESE HORSES. Again, I AM PLEADING WITH YOU TO HELP SAVE THESE INNOCENT HORSES ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  16. Gary Kidd of Hope, Arkansas not only sold horses he “adopted”, he got his family to do this as well! HOPING THIS BASTARD AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY GO BANKRUPT!!! SEND THEM TO JAIL!!!

  17. Surprise Surprise “humans” behaving like killer parasites on two legs. Greed and cruelty of a large majority of human species is disturbing and depressing. I can only imagine the fear and pain of the wild horses who endured the agonizing process ending in their violent death.

  18. To help stop this cruelty, go to American Wild Horse Preservation’s website. See what good they are doing and sign their petitions. They are well aware of this $1000 pay off and are trying to fix the situation. The BLM doesn’t care about these horses. They just want them “gone”, blaming them for overpopulation and overgrazing of rangelands. These are just excuses! In reality, they just want to let more cattle graze. There are proven, safe methods of birth control if needed, so that no horses (or burros) have to be cruelly rounded up, penned and sold. These are OUR public lands and we should be able to decide what we want on them.

  19. Dolores Proubasta says:

    Who runs this country? China? Have we no Western Civilization values? This is how we reward the creatures on whose backs we rode to where we are. Human scum!

  20. This scam needs to stop. If these people are getting $1,000.00 to adopt these horses, then they should not be selling them to be slaughtered. If people are aware of what is happening, then STOP IT NOW!

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