Cut Super-Pollutant Methane to Fight Climate Change

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Encourage methane reduction as a key component of meeting international climate goals.

While much of the conversation about combating climate change has focused on carbon dioxide reduction, emphasis on another potent pollutant could potentially slash global warming by one-third. An eye-opening new report from the United Nations called on countries around the world to focus more firepower on methane emissions. An international assessment found that a united effort could cut worldwide output of methane into the atmosphere by nearly one-half.

Methane, a part of natural gas, is estimated to be up to 84 percent more dangerous than carbon. Oil and coal extraction, large piles of waste, and agriculture remain the major drivers of methane dispersal. Just taking a step like fixing faltering fossil fuel infrastructure could prevent leaks and make a significant dent in this pollution. Other strategies to curb methane are on the table, but in 2020 the numbers went in the wrong direction as emissions soared.

Sign the petition below to urge U.S. leadership to take the lead in curtailing one of the climate’s biggest foes.


Dear President Biden,

A thirty percent reduction in global warming and global temperature drops meeting the goal of 1.5 degrees Celsius: these are the environmental benefits of methane emission reduction. Lethal methane levels in the atmosphere have resulted in seventy-three billion lost labor hours, 26 million tons of lost crops, 775,000 hospital visits, and 255,000 deaths. These findings do not come from a lone researcher; they are the clear assessments of the United Nations and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition.

These researchers believe it entirely feasible and cost-effective to curb dangerous methane by 445 percent in a decade. The recent restoration of methane limits and the subsequent increased accountability of fossil fuel companies are a promising start. Other long-term investments such as landfill cleanups, improved sewage treatments, agricultural feed upgrades, and continued fixes to infrastructure could change the narrative even more.

Where there is a will, there is most assuredly a way.  Please help America lead the way to a cleaner and healthier future by making methane reduction a centerpiece of the nation’s climate action plan.


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  1. Maria Martins says:

    Boa tarde, queria pedir desculpa,por estar a responder tão tarde e estar a responder em português mas tive um problema com o meu telemóvel e o meu computador, é que o meu marido enganou se é ainda não sabe ao certo o que quer. Muito obrigado pela sua atenção.

  2. Jessica Sade says:


  3. METHANE REDUCTION should be a centerpiece of the nation’s climate action plan.

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