Don’t Let Saudis Potentially Torture and Kill Another Dissident

Target: Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

Goal: Affirm welfare and work for freedom of extradited citizen possibly subject to dire human rights abuses.

Another man is in danger of grave torture, or worse, in Saudi Arabia. Australian citizen Osama al-Hasani was extradited from Morocco to the country just a short time after he became a new father. His arrest stems from years-old charges that he was involved in an auto theft operation: charges that a lower court had previously dismissed for lack of evidence. Since his extradition for a crime for which he had been cleared, al-Hasani has seemingly been “disappeared,” raising urgent concerns about his welfare.

The concerns were so troubling that just a short time before his extradition, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights had urged the Moroccan government to refuse the deportation. Al-Hasani, a dual citizen of Australia and Saudi Arabia, reportedly believed that the Saudi government was targeting him not because of an alleged crime but due to his outspoken political beliefs. When the man arrived in Morocco to reunite with his wife and child, advocates theorize Saudi authorities saw their opportunity to strike. This case has strong parallels to that of slain journalist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi, whom was reportedly lured into capture in another country and subsequently tortured and brutally executed.

Just like in that tragic case, the government that should be looking after this man’s welfare has done nothing to hold Saudi Arabia accountable. Sign the petition below to join Human Rights Watch in demanding Australia’s leaders take a decisive stand against potentially deadly human rights abuses.


Dear Prime Minister Morrison,

Osama al-Hasani is a citizen of your country who at this very moment may be enduring unfathomable torture and abuse at the hands of another government. Tragically, this outcome may be the best-case scenario. The alternative could place Mr. al-Hasani alongside Jamal Khashoggi: another dissident and refugee allegedly slaughtered for his criticism of Saudi leadership.

By all accounts, this man was extradited to Saudi Arabia for a crime of which he had been exonerated. Alarmingly, no word of his whereabouts or his well-being has emerged since his detainment. Both the United Nations and global advocate Human Rights Watch have implored action on Osama al-Hasani’s behalf. Please do not follow in the footsteps of the United States and look the other way simply because of what a relationship with Saudi Arabia may offer you.

Demand transparency from this country, and fight for the freedom and the welfare of a man who proudly calls Australia home.


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Photo Credit: Geneva Council for Rights and Liberties

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