Stop Crown Land From Becoming Garbage Dump

Target: Jason Nixon, Alberta Minister of Environment and Parks

Goal: Protect Crown Land in Westlock County, and keep it from being abused and destroyed by people.

In Westlock county, land owned by the federal or provincial governments, known as Crown land, is being abused by people who have no business being there. It is littered with garbage, debris, and other human waste that has been carelessly dumped. Even old appliances have been carelessly thrown there and left. Another major issue is the reckless campfires that are regularly used on the Crown land. This is especially concerning as the province enters a particularly dry year, and many people still burn fires with no regard for the danger.

Perhaps the most concerning issue is that the Crown land has become an unregulated shooting range. In the last year, the only day where shots were not reported was Christmas Day. People discharge firearms in the area nearly every day, leaving casings scattered everywhere and disturbing a plethora of wildlife that should be safe and protected on this land.

Crown land should be a safe and protected area in the country, yet this area has become an unmonitored playground for careless people who have no regards for the land and animals they are abusing. Sign this petition and have the provincial government step in and protect this delicate natural area.


Dear Honourable Nixon,

Crown land in Westlock County has become a free-for-all, where people dump garbage, carelessly light fires, and discharge firearms 364 days of the year. The protection of Crown land is the responsibility of the government, and it is shameful how neglectful your office is of these delicate and natural areas. These areas should be a haven for wildlife, and testimony to how the government cares for the environment.

I urge you to step in and protect the Crown land in Alberta from such wanton abuse.


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Photo Credit: Raymond Hitchcock

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