Don’t Unleash Genetically Modified Mosquitoes on Nature

Target: Michael S. Regan, Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Stop the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, and ban their use in the entire U.S.

Genetically modified mosquitoes are being unleashed upon unsuspecting citizens. As a trial, 750 million of these mutants are being released in the Florida Keys in an unjustifiable attempt to control invasive mosquito populations. The goal of creating these perversions of nature is that the mutated males will breed with wild females, and pass along a gene that will hopefully kill all female offspring. The modified mosquitoes are being released upon the world with no understanding of the potential consequences, and no control method if the situation gets out of hand.

Whatever the goals may be, there is no justification to create a genetically modified species, and even less justification to release it upon the world in such a cavalier and reckless manner.

Sign this petition to stop genetically modified mosquitoes from being released in the US.


Before you came into office, decisions were made that have potentially devastating consequences that must be rectified immediately. In particular, the decision to create and release 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes must be revoked. No matter what the goals are of this project, it is unethical and reckless to think that a creature created in a lab will only have the results intended without any unforeseen, and potentially dangerous, repercussions.

Public resistance to this project, particularly in affected areas in Florida, has been strong. Regardless, the government has gone through with it and already released these mutants into the world.

I urge you to immediately stop the use of genetically modified mosquitoes in all of the United States.


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  1. You do not understand this procedure wich is completely safe
    and benificial for human kind
    source entomology Wageningen University

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