Stop Reported Widespread Abuses at Diamond Mining Site

Target: Richard Duffy, CEO of Petra Diamonds

Goal: End abuses and deaths allegedly perpetrated by mine security guards.

A mining company with ties to the royal family faces allegations that guards in one of its mines are guilty of systemic and dangerous human rights abuses. Petra Diamonds, which once produced diamonds for the queen’s brooch, operates the Williamson mine in Tanzania. According to various reports, miners on the premises without authorization have been beaten and in some cases shot. These troubling allegations sparked the second investigation of the mine in less than a year.

At least 35 Tanzanians have filed a legal suit against the company, claiming security guards used force so excessive that in seven instances it allegedly resulted in death. A previous investigation by the company in early 2020 led to a presumed clearing of the guards in 15 documented cases of reported excessive force. Late in 2020, however, the same sort of allegations emerged, prompting yet another inquiry. This organization cannot make the same mistake twice.

Sign the petition below to demand transparency and accountability in a case of apparent pervasive and deadly violations against human beings.


Dear Mr. Duffy,

Blood diamonds earned their tragic moniker because of the legacy of cruelty and gross human rights abuses underlying many diamond mining operations. Do not let Petra Diamonds fall into this sick legacy. The allegations surrounding the Williamson mine in Tanzania are serious and troubling in their recurrence.  You must address this festering problem with a truly transparent, independent investigation. More so, proper remedies must be undertaken this time.

The positive steps you took in the wake of the last set of allegations were undermined by the company’s failure to acknowledge the abuses and the deaths that reportedly occurred. Please act in good faith going forward and hold all employees found guilty of these alleged offenses fully accountable.


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Photo Credit: Hansueli Krapf

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