Stop Advanced Technology From Threatening Fish

Target: Bernadette Jordan, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

Goal: Do not allow advanced fishing technology to be used in sport fishing.

As technology improves, so does humankind’s ability to dominate other animals. Recently, new sportfishing technology is giving fishermen an unfair advantage, and many scientists and professional fishermen believe that this has a detrimental effect on several aquatic species. Drones are being used to drop baited lines, and electric lures attract fish with scents or flashing lights. 3D fish-finding technology also allows people to hunt fish through the water before casting their lines.

Equipment such as this will turn a recreational hobby into an unsustainable threat that endangers many species of fish. The use of this technology must be reeled in before it becomes commonplace, and before fish are taken from our waters at alarming rates.

Sign this petition to stop technology from turning a recreational pastime into a global aquatic disaster.


Dear Honorable Jordan,

Recreational sport fishing is slowly becoming a technology-driven slaughter. Gadgets such as 3-dimensional fish finders worth thousands of dollars to lures attracting fish with electric lights and simulated scents are being used to attract the biggest and best fish in an unsportsmanlike catch. Drones are even employed to drop baited lures, so fishermen don’t even have to fish anymore.

All these excessive technologies create an unfair advantage of man over fish. This has the disastrous possibility of threatening the survival of many different fish species.

I urge you to disallow the use of these unnecessary and even unethical devices before they become mainstream. If a person feels the urge to fish, then let them fish, but do not let them turn it into a game where the odds are always stacked in their favor.


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Photo Credit: Barbara Jackson

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