Protect Rights of All Workers

Target: Joe Manchin, U.S. Senator

Goal: Safeguard the rights and employment opportunities of freelance and gig workers.

A proposed law intended to help American workers has some worrisome inclusions that may adversely impact some workers. At its most beneficial, this piece of legislation will bolster the ability of employees to organize and fight for their rights without fear of retaliation from employers. The proposal could upend the freelance and gig economy that millions of Americans rely on for sustenance, however.

The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is intended to protect striking workers from termination as well as union members overall and their collective bargaining power. One well-intentioned but misguided provision would require employers who hire independent contractors for a variety of services (from IT work to ride-sharing) to take on many of these workers as regular employees on the payroll. This step might at best hinder the ability of these individuals to handle multiple jobs at once, to be in charge of their own hours, and to work as independent entrepreneurs with needed flexibility. At worst, the provision could discourage smaller businesses from even hiring these workers.

Sign the petition below to urge revisions to this bill that reflect true benefits for all workers.


Dear Senator Manchin,

The PRO Act represents a promising step forward for employees’ rights in America. The proposed expansion of labor rights could benefit tens of millions. Please do not dim this bill’s potential legacy with damaging provisions that might harm an equal number of Americans.

Specifically, the proposed ABC Test provision regarding freelance and gig work could damage the occupational prospects and livelihoods for workers that make up an increasingly large percentage of the U.S. economy. These workers value the flexibility and the freedom that freelance work provides them. Many are employers themselves. Provisions that require legions of freelancers and gig workers to be treated as employees could threaten the very values that compel Americans to this type of work.  Smaller, struggling businesses that often rely upon these workers for survival could lose even more. Many will be forced to cut ties as the costs of retaining these services begin to outweigh the benefits.

Please amend this bill you helped create and make it a winning proposition for all of America’s labor force.


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