Charge Officer Who Fatally Shot 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo

Target: Kwame Raoul, Attorney General of Illinois

Goal: Charge officer responsible for fatal shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo.

13-year-old Adam Toledo was fatally shot by Officer Eric Stillman. Body camera footage seems to show that Toledo was fleeing from Tillman on foot. It appears that Toledo has a gun in his hand. Tillman allegedly gives orders for Toledo to drop the weapon, stop running, and raise his hands. Toledo seems to follow those orders, but a second, later video apparently shows Toledo shot in the chest at close range by Officer Tillman. Police say that the object in Toledo’s hand was a gun that was later recovered at the scene.

Police say that there is just eight tenths of a second between when the object thought to be a gun is first visible on camera footage to when Tillman fires his weapon. Within that period of time, Toledo’s arm seems to disappear behind a fence before he begins to raise both hands. Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lighfoot, said that the video was “difficult to watch.” Toledo’s family attorney, Adeena Weiss-Ortiz, said: “At the time Adam was shot, he did not have a gun. OK? … whatever he had in his, in his hand, whether it was a gun or something else, there was something in his hand, he approaches the fence, he lets it go, he turns around, and he’s shot.”

Sign this petition to urge state officials to charge Officer Stillman in the death of Adam Toledo.


To Mr. Raoul,

A 13-year-old boy is dead as a result of a police shooting. Body-camera footage seems to show Office Eric Stillman pursuing Adam Toledo, who is not behaving aggressively. At the time of the fatal shot, Toledo’s hands appear to be empty and raised in surrender: Adam Toledo complied. An attorney for the police officer claimed that Stillman was “left with no other option.” However, the officer could have used non-lethal force. The officer could have abandoned the pursuit. The officer could have not fired his weapon. I urge you to charge Officer Stillman in the death of Adam Toledo.


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Photo Credit: Bob Warrick


  1. Charge her with Murder!

  2. One more thug, armed, and having just shot at vehicles, killed by the police…good job, officer! I can’t believe how many absolutely ignorant people on here apparently don’t believe that a thirteen year old thug can kill someone.

    • I can’t believe how many heartless, brainless and cruel excuses for humans on here think that a CHILD cannot possibly be rehabilitated, should be denied the right to a fair trial, and should be deprived of life and slaughtered on the street like some gutter rat. At worst, he could’ve been tased and taken into custody to face due process, like any WHITE kid can expect.

  3. Kwame Raoul, Attorney General of Illinois

    Charge officer responsible for fatal shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo.This vile and evil officer must be sentenced to Life in Jail.

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