Discharge Army Soldier Who Reportedly Intimidated and Shoved Black Man

Target: Brig. Gen. Milford Beagle Jr., Commander Fort Jackson

Goal: Discharge Jonathan Pentland from military service with the US Army.

Jonathan Pentland, a white active-duty US Army soldier, is reportedly seen on video berating, shoving, and cursing at a Black male victim. Pentland was charted with third-degree assault and battery. The video was taken in The Summit, a neighborhood in Columbia, South Carolina. It apparently shows Pentland following a Black man, shoving him, and cursing at him. There is seemngly clear audio of Pentland saying, “You better start walking right now.  You’re in the wrong neighborhood, m—–f—–. Get out!” Pentland goes on to seemingly interrogate the victim, asking him where he lives, suggesting that there is no way that the victim could be a part of the The Summit neighborhood and, furthermore, that he shouldn’t even be there. The video shows the victim on public property at all times.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said, “We’re not going to let people be bullies in our community. And if you are, you’re going to answer for it.” Brig. Gen. Milford Beagle Jr., Fort Jackson’s commander, said in a statement: “The leaders at Fort Jackson in no way condone the behavior depicted in the video posted recently.” Sign this petition to urge the US Army to discharge Pentland from military duty.


To Brig. Gen. Beagle,

Racism and intimidation are two things that should never be stood for, especially not in the military. Recently, an active-duty soldier stationed at Fort Jackson was reportedly seen on video berating, intimidating, and shoving an unidentified victim. This alleged incident occurred across racial lines as the victim is Black and the soldier, Jonathan Pentland, is white. The behavior seemingly demonstrated by Pentland in the video is both shameful and dangerous. Moreover, individuals who behave like this have no place in the US military. I urge you to discharge Pentland from military service.


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  1. This racist crap HAS TO STOP! I realize that not all Southern people are racist, but to those that are, I say, the war is OVER! Treat all people equally. We are all humans.

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:


  3. This man is military. His job is to protect ALL Americans, not just the ones who look like him. Clearly, he is deficient in his duty and needs to be dishonorably discharged, immediately. ADDITIONALLY, he should be prevented from getting any other job that requires, or even allows, him to carry a weapon. We don’t need any more loose cannons in society.

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