Puppy Reportedly Locked in Car With Mouth Taped Shut While Owners Went Shopping Deserves Justice

Target: Florida State Attorney of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit, Amira D. Fox

Goal: Justly punish people who reportedly left puppy inside car with mouth taped shut while they went shopping at Walmart.

A 9-week-old great Pyrenees was allegedly rescued after being found inside a car with the animal’s mouth taped shut. Jaelen Anthony Barge and Allison Marie Sweck were later arrested for the reported incident. They need to receive a harsh legal sentence and not be allowed to have pets if these allegations are found to be true.

According to reports, a training lead had been taped around the puppy’s mouth for the purpose of making sure no biting took place. However, these types of leads are specifically designed to keep an animal from pulling during a walk, and not to be employed in the way it was allegedly used. Witnesses called police after they reportedly noticed mucus profusely dripping from the dog’s nose and mouth. It was also said that there was a second dog in the vehicle. Someone allegedly tried to give them water. However, Sweck reportedly told witnesses to get away from her pets.

The suspects were both arrested for animal cruelty, and the puppy is now in the care of Lee County Domestic Animal Services. It is not known what happened to the other dog. Sign this petition to demand Sweck and Barge receive a prison sentence and to further insist they have both animals taken away if they are found guilty of this crime.


Dear State Attorney Fox,

Jaelen Anthony Barge and Allison Marie Sweck were arrested for allegedly taping their puppy’s mouth shut and leaving the animal inside the car while they went to Walmart. It is important that they be required to spend time in prison and be banned from having pets if they are found guilty, to better ensure other animals will not endure the same fate.

Authorities were called after witnesses stated that the puppy’s jaws were taped so tightly, mucus was dripping nonstop from the nose and mouth. Police brought the puppy to Lee County Domestic Animal Services. They stated that the owners had taped a training lead around the mouth to keep the animal from biting, even though these types of leads should only be used to hinder an animal from pulling on a walk. Another dog was also allegedly found inside the car, but it is not known whether this animal was taken by authorities or was possibly released to another family member.

For these reasons, we demand you seek a prison sentence for Barge and Sweck if it is discovered they committed this crime and that you further tell the courts that if they think taping a puppy’s mouth shut is a proper training method, they should not be allowed to have pets.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office



  1. Gloria Navan says:

    These people are totally irresponsible and psychopaths who should do some serious jail time. Thank goodness for the people who intervened and saved these dogs from horrible futures with these owners.

  2. Death penalty

  3. Gabriella Ciancone says:

    Jaelen Anthony Barge and Allison Marie Sweck need to be held accountable for their despicable crime. These two are sociopaths who are a danger to all of society.
    They do not possess the human qualities to have any sentient being in their care.
    I wouldn’t trust them to care of a rock.

  4. Just breaks my heart. So cruel and senseless

  5. Sufurhally Aaliyah says:

    So little humanity left.

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