Prosecute Officer Who Reportedly Knelt on Suspect’s Neck During Arrest

Target: Melinda Katz, District Attorney

Goal: Prosecute NYPD officer who reportedly knelt on man’s neck.

A NYPD officer appeared to be kneeling on a man’s neck in a video taken during an arrest in Queens, NY. The officer in question will not be prosecuted despite the new regulations passed in response to the death of George Floyd that prohibit the maneuver of kneeling on the neck during arrest. Sircarlyle Arnold was stopped by police for allegedly riding an all-terrain vehicle on the streets. Arnold’s attorney, Olayemi Olurin, says he was not resisting arrest and was unarmed. Witnesses recorded video that appears to show many onlookers yelling at an NYPD officer to stop kneeling on Arnold. Olurin says of the video: “Despite the national, international outrage over George Floyd, despite the people hysterically telling him to stop, at not one point in the video did that officer lift his knee off Carlyle’s neck.”

District Attorney Melinda Katz said that there is not enough evidence to show an unlawful restraint being used. Olurin criticized the decision claiming, “Katz said she supports the spirit of the legislation, but has no intention to actually uphold it. All these laws were passed in direct response to protestors. Here is the first incident to hold an officer accountable and they said no.”

Sign this petition to urge District Attorney Katz to prosecute the officer who allegedly knelt on Arnold’s neck.


To District Attorney Katz,

There are moments in history when people in power are forced to choose on which side they stand. Your review of the video of the police interaction with Sircarlyle Arnold represents one of these moments. Laws have just been passed to prevent the undue use of force by police–specifically the maneuver to use a knee at the neck of an individual being arrested. George Floyd’s death is a painful and poignant reminder of what can happen when police are not held accountable by their governing bodies. What use is a law that is not upheld?

I urge you to review the video of the police incident with Arnold and to prosecute the officer who appears to use this unlawful and dangerous maneuver.


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Photo Credit: Andre Gustavo Stumpf

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