Rejuvenate Canada’s Decimated Forests

Target: Johnathon Wilkinson, Minster of Environment Canada

Goal: Use waste from the coffee industry to rebuild Canada’s forests.

Forests across Canada have been logged and clear-cut to make way for huge mono-crop farms. It is an unsustainable future to cut down a nation’s carbon sequesters to support agri-businesses that have no environmental benefits. On top of this, Canada is a coffee-consuming country that produces mountains of byproducts that are being wasted.

New projects in South and Central America have shown that coffee grounds and other coffee byproducts tremendously beneficial to both new and established forests when applied to the land. We are wasting a valuable resource that could be used to produce new and healthy forests to replace the ones that have been foolishly destroyed.

Sign this petition to urge the environment ministry of Canada to not only replace countless trees that have been lost, but also use byproducts from the coffee industry to benefit these new trees.


Dear Honourable Wilkinson,

Under your leadership, countless numbers of the nation’s trees have been foolishly destroyed in the name of industry. Acres upon acres of new and established forests have been lost to logging and clear-cutting for agribusiness. As the minister of the environment, you are responsible for these trees across the nation that has been lost, and it is up to you to replace them.

On top of the loss of trees, Canada is foolishly wasting valuable byproducts of the coffee industry. Coffee pulp and other products have been shown to have profound benefits on new and established tree plantings and forests.

Now is your chance to not only replace the trees that have been lost, but to work with the coffee industry to use large quantities of waste to help grow the future of Canada, and indeed all the world.


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Photo Credit: Pacific Southwest Forest Service, USD



  1. Paula Morgan says:

    How can a country be so foolish as to clear cut their own forests? It’s as if a silly man when to to cut a tree limb on a tall tree but stood on the side of the limb which is the part of the limb meant to fall to the ground. He injures himself. Some have killed themselves in this manner. Does this make any sense?
    I am getting too old for this world. From my vantage point Brazil, Canada, North Korea, Iceland, and numerous other countries too many to mention are simply not using their intelligence nor forethought to their own suffering.

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Forests are the lungs of the earth! PLEASE STOP destroying this vital life sustaining resource, and STOP destroying the irreplaceable arboreal forests NOW.

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