Save Seagrass From Imminent Destruction

Target: Pravind Jugnauth, Prime Minister of Mauritius

Goal: Stop the destruction of the seagrass bank in Saya de Malha.

Seagrass on the ocean floor stores twice as much carbon as a forest, yet it is rapidly disappearing because of humans’ destructive behavior. People are killing an area of seagrass the size of a soccer field every 30 minutes.

Seagrass also plays an important role in regulating the oceans’ environments. The loss of these invaluable aquatic plants would have devastating effects on the planet, yet mankind is recklessly destroying them. Pollution, mining, and fishing are the most significant causes of seagrass destruction.

The seagrass in Saya de Malha is growing in a very shallow seabed. As such, it has the ability to greatly affect the whole world. However, this also makes it one of the most threatened.

Urge the Mauritius government to consider the wealth of seagrass it has in its shared jurisdiction and use this to improve the country’s environmental impact and the world as a whole.


Dear Prime Minister Jugnauth,

You have a wealth of seagrass in your shared jurisdiction of Saya de Malha. This can improve your country’s overall greenhouse gas emissions and the wealth of the planet as a whole.

Seagrass stores twice as much carbon as a forest while maintaining the environment inside the ocean and creating homes for millions of aquatic animals.

I urge you to do all you can to protect this invaluable plant that is quickly being destroyed by human industry.


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Photo Credit: John Turnbull



  1. Paula Morgan says:

    Once again, no country should be allowed to kill off a saving grace for the repair of this planet. Sea grass takes in CO2 but with the rainforest being gobbled up, fish being eaten with no damage control so we will be out of fish by 2048. Sounds far off? It’s not. We have not seen a world government but is there another way to make ALL countries accountable for their harmful and deadly actions? How does a country profit if they kill the planet?

  2. humanos malditos vão acabar com o planta pela sua ganancia.

  3. Humanos malditos vão acabar com o planta pela sua ganancia

  4. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Our oceans are in serious trouble. They sustain so much life and produce much of our oxygen. Please DO NOT DESTROY these vital sea grasses.

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