Curb the Housing Industry’s Massive Carbon Footprint

Target: Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Goal: Be more ambitious in tackling carbon emissions in the housing industry.

The UK has the obligation to meet certain environmental goals by 2050. While the country is working on this goal, they are falling behind in the housing industry. In the United States, one fifth of carbon emissions is from cooling, heating and lighting of current buildings and similar figures can be assumed for the UK. Refurbishing existing buildings would have a significant reduction of the country’s carbon emissions, yet the UK is short nearly 400,000 experienced and trained workers needed to complete this task.

The UK government is hesitating about subsidizing these much needed upgrades to many buildings, and this is causing the country to lag behind in the zero emmision industry.

Sign this petition to urge the government of the UK to help businesses and private land owners make the necessary renovations to reduce the carbon emissions of the country and bring the world to a cleaner place.


Dear Prime Minister Johnson,

The UK needs to reduce the carbon emissions in the housing industry across the country. The cooling, heating, and lighting of existing buildings is a significant contributor to the country’s overall emissions, yet the government is holding off on subsidizing these needed repairs. If they made the commitment to environmental goals, then the average citizen and business cannot be expected to meet these demands without government assistance.

I urge you to subsidize renovations and promote the training of workers that are necessary to reduce emissions and reach global climate goals.


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Photo Credit: Gareth Milner


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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    Refurbishing old housing is a good idea in ALL countries. Habitat must be preserved and carbon inducing emissions must meet the standards set for the rest of the world. We must reach global climate levels or parish.

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