Raise Standards for Food Labeling in the United States

Target: Margaret Hamburg (Commissioner of Food and Drugs) and Kathleen Sibelius (Secretary of Health and Human Services)

Goal: Force food producers to label genetically modified food by raising the Food and Drug Adminstration’s standards for food labeling.

Since their introduction in 1994, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have quickly become a hotly debated issue in the food processing industry. While the FDA has only approved GMOs in an agricultural capacity, genetically modified animals are clearly the next step.  Due to the unknown risk surrounding these GMOs, the effects they would have on the food industry, and the fundamental problem of messing with nature, the FDA should require, at the very least, labeling for any product that contains GMOs.

The quality of food in this country has drastically fallen in the face of financial margins and economic demand. While GMOs provide an incredibly effective solution to food shortages and hunger issues (especially abroad), not enough research has been done concerning their effects on humans.  Moreover, the fact that only large corporations can afford the science behind GMOs, they will corner the market and further industrialize the entire system if allowed to compete on the same playing field with smaller agricultural operations.

Simply put, the consumer should know, beyond any doubt, what he or she is putting into their body. If that information results in that product not selling well, so be it.

Please sign this petition and pressure the food industry to label genetically modified foods.  The decision to consume GMOs should be made by the consumer, not corporate America and the Federal Government.


Dear Mrs. Hamburg and Mrs. Sibelius

The food industry is changing rapidly. Because of massive demands commercially and economically, genetically modified foods are becoming more and more common.  Consequently, the FDA must hold producers to higher standards of food labeling and force producers to label any product containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Not only does more research need to be done on GMOs before they enter the market place, but also their increased presence could crumble a large section of our country’s smaller agricultural producers and further industrialize an already desensitized business.

The consumer should know beyond any doubt what they are consuming. A more complete labeling system is a simple, effective, and cheap way to make our food industry more transparent and, at the same time, our citizens more aware of what they are consuming. Help to keep Americans happy and healthy by pressuring the FDA to elevate their standards of food labeling.


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  1. Money talks and the rest of us continue to be poisoned. They are putting round up INTO food and they say its safe? This country is run by a bunch of greedy morons who could care less if we all die. ANd its only going to get WORSE. GUARANTEED.

  2. The idea of eating GE salmon is repulsive to me and many of my friends and family. If the FDA approves it, it should at least be labeled, so consumers can choose.

    • Joan Tippetts says:

      Unfortunately, it will probably escape and breed with wild salmon and contaminate that source as well. There is no need for this nonsense. It’s pure greed and a desire to “play God”

    • What is needed is to end fish farming, especially of salmon.
      Insufficient news coverage of the effects of this farming done in areas where wild salmon pass on their way from being small smolts, running a gauntlet of deadly parasites (and also setting up a situation for what are called “crowd diseases” – the high probability of emerging new toxic viruses) in salmon.
      These fish farms have already been shown to be highly destructive of native fish populations.

      Do NOT eat farmed salmon, as your doing so is not merely PART of the problem, but is the WHOLE problem.

  3. I am reading “Seeds of Deception” and it is makes me so mad at all the lies, bribery,threats and people they have destroyed to get this stuff on the market knowing full well how harmful it is. These corporations pushing these poisons have lied so much and so long they don’t know what the truth is. Given a choice animals won’t eat the stuff. No wonder there is so much cancer and other ills affecting our people. What they are doing is not science but trail and error and by guess and by golly hoping that you won’t notice you are being poisoned and the FDA and EPA are just as much a part of it by not doing the proper test and going along with the corporation program. These corporation want to control the food of the world and in the process are willing to destroy what ever stands in their way. Scary stuff!

  4. This petition is wrong. It suggests that

    ‘While GMOs provide an incredibly effective solution to food shortages and hunger issues (especially abroad)’

    Excuse me for stating e bleeding obvious but it has never provided any effective solution to food shortages anywhere on planet earth and has continued to pollute the land with agrochemicals and fleece the farmers gullible enough to believe Monsantos salesmen who claim its e best king since sliced bread. All totally wrong. So whoever posted this petition needs their backsides kicking.
    Check your facts please before you launch into an emotional plea for help with labelling.
    Point number 2 is that labelling is useless. Why? Because all that will happen is the biotech companies will flood the land with GMO crap and you will not have any non GMO food to buy. Also the non GMO seeds available are being deliberately phased out leaving farmers with no options other than to buy GMO seeds.
    So people go figure. It rocket science NOT!

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