Don’t Let Bald Eagles Fall Victim to Poisoning and Habitat Loss

Target: Martha Williams, Deputy Director of US Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Provide continued support for the thriving bald eagle, and educate people about their still fragile existence.

The bald eagle population has quadrupled since 2009. This is largely due to the ban of DDT, and that 40 states had listed the magnificent bird as endangered. Thankfully, there is also a federal prohibition against hunting the eagle. There are now 316,700 bald eagles across the nation.

However, it is all too common when a threatened species recovers that the protection that helped them thrive is removed. This cannot happen, and the bald eagle must continue to be protected.

There are other dangers that threaten the species. Lead poisoning from spent shells, vehicle collisions, and habitat loss caused by development all threaten the eagles’ delicate position. Environmental pollution is also detrimental to their survival.

Sign this petition to urge the authorities to continue federal protection of the bald eagle, and to educate the public and businesses about the many threats that bald eagles still face.


Dear Deputy Director,

I am heartened to hear that the bald eagle is thriving across the nation. However, I am still worried about their future which continues to hang in a delicate balance. These magnificent birds are still threatened by lead poisoning, collision with man-made obstacles and vehicles, environmental pollution, and habitat loss. I urge you to educate the public and businesses about the effects these factors have on the stability of bald eagles as a species.

I also urge you to continue the federal hunting ban on bald eagles. These birds were nearly exterminated from hunting and it would be a terrible travesty if such a thing were to happen again.


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Photo Credit: Andy Morffew


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